How to Use a Palm Nailer

How to Use a Palm Nailer?

Nothing compares to pounding nails without hurting your hands at all and with pinpoint positioning too! It is possible when you use a palm nailer instead of a nail gun. Though both of these used an air compressor, a palm nailer can be grasped in one’s palm while a nail gun can’t be grasped in … Read more

best framing nailer for the money

Best Framing Nailer for the Money – 2020

There used to be a time when woodworking projects were done by people who did it for a living, basically professionals. However, ever since that time, ‘’DIY” has come a long way. Due to technological advancement, a wide variety of tools have emerged to become very well-known for all the enthusiasts out there. Among them, … Read more

How to Load a Staple Gun

How to Load a Staple Gun

We have seen desk staplers since our childhood. But what is a staple gun? Well, it’s a machine similar to regular staplers. Contrary to the regular staplers, these gun forces row of staples or nails into wood, thick paper, heavy fabric, and plastic, etc. Staple guns are used for different purposes, such as upholstery, carpeting, … Read more

Best Electric Brad Nailer

Top 7 Best Electric Brad Nailer Reviews

If you are a “Do it Yourself!” enthusiast who likes to work on their woodwork projects at home or do the heavy trim work for decorating your furniture on your own, a must-have tool is the brad nailer. Now brad nailers can either be powered by an electric connection, or they can be cordless. Although … Read more

Ryobi P330 Finish Naile

Ryobi P330 15 Gauge Finish Nailer Review

Ryobi is a well-known Australian company, especially famous for its nailers. The Ryobi P330 is a new addition to their lineup, and it is definitely worth to take a look at it. Now, the Ryobi P320 and Ryobi P325 nailer are its previous editions, but the P330 is a diversified version of them with new … Read more