3PLUS HFSNSP 2-in-1 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Review

As a wood flooring professional, it can be assumed that you are always on the hunt of devices and products that can make the painstaking task more easy and effective. Under such circumstances, a device comes in mind which can take half of the hard work away from the exhausting chore.

Yes, it’s none other than 3Plus hfsnsp 2-in-1 pneumatic flooring nailer/stapler. This particular model is an excellent choice because of its diverse features and versatility. The flooring nailers basically do the job of combining and giving a structure to the floor.

Moreover, it is even ridiculous how easily this simple machine can floor an entire room in half of time. It does it with the help of some amazing accompanying features, which you can know from the 3plus HFSNSP 2-in-1 pneumatic flooring nailer/stapler review.

A Quick Look at the Features of 3PLUS HFSNSP Pneumatic Stapler Review

  • Comes with two handle options which offer more varieties
  • The longer length handle can be completely detached from the machine
  • Runs on pneumatic power
  • 2 in 1 magazine cartridge
  • Compatible with both T-cleats and L-cleats
  • Has cut out design on the longer length handle which reduces the weight of the machine
  • Comes with flooring plates which can be used to measure different floor sizes
  • A white rubber mallet is available with the purchase
  • Handles are padded for better grip and to prevent from accidental slippage
  • Affordable than its peers

3plus HFSNSP 2-in-1 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer/Stapler Review

This is an economical model because of its dual feature that will allow you to complete two types of work using just one machine. Besides, the nailer is also professionally made and can be handled by beginners as well as intermediate users. An elaborated explanation of each feature will dissipate any query that you might have.

  • Strong Construction

The machine is designed to drill in a single nail to the wooden floorboard, which means the machine itself needs to be sturdy. A flimsy machine will not have the strength to bear the pressure created by pneumatic force. This is why the 3plus made sure of using quality products while building the nailer.

Alloy metal is used to build the main body and has rubber grips at the bottom. It helps the machine to stay in place. For extra protection from pneumatic pressure, the handle is made of strong steel that is bend-proof and also has cutouts for easy air passage.

Since the nailer has to be carried constantly, it should be portable and lightweight. The alloy metal is used with aluminum to ensure the lightweight aspect of the product. It weighs about 15 pounds; and hence, you will not get tired after using it for a short while.

  • Pneumatic Force

Stapling nails into the boards is long and tedious work. It is not continuous and requires a lot of back and forth. So if the machine is electricity-oriented, it would waste a huge amount of power. This is why the nailers are much more effective when the manual force or air force is used.

However, the 3plus runs on pneumatic power, which is basically driven by air. This model of stapler has an air-oil container which stores the air needed to produce the force. The air is compressed and supplied in a rapid amount which creates a strong pressure on the piston inside the machine.

Then the piston drives down on the nail and attaches the boards. The power is strong enough to drive the nail into the board but will not make a dent on the floor. So, you will not have to worry about how much pressure you have to exert on the machine. This also reduces strain on the muscles created due to manual labor.

  • Curved Handle

The process of nailing the floors requires accuracy and perseverance. If the machine is not made right, the overall outcome will be sloppy, and the drilling will not be effective. After much trial, a design that will make the process easier has been used.

There is a long neck on the handle fn the nailer has and bends at an L shape for the user to hold. The neck is long enough so that the user does not have to bend too far for the machine to drill. This ensures the comfort and proper stance of the user. The handle is also convenient when it comes to positioning.

It is covered with rubber grip material for extra support. The interesting thing about this particular model is that the handle can be detached whenever it’s required. This makes the device even more portable and can be stored more easily.

Accordingly, the long reach handle has cut-outs that give the device a fashionable look but at the same time also serve the purpose of reducing pressure on the machine.

  • Versatile Product

The nailer alone is usable and accelerates the task, but it is geared towards one purpose; nailing. But the 3plus has the ability to work with L-cleats and staplers. For this duality feature, the product can work on more materials and can offer different strengths.

Likewise, the staples are used for hardwood floors, and the L-cleat offers a sturdier hold. As the machine uses both nails, it can also work with hardwood and wooden boards.

Moreover, for easy flooring, the machine has interchangeable plates which minimize time loss and accelerate the work. Apart from that, a rubber mallet is available with purchase, which means the machine can also be used manually when needed. The white rubber mallet leaves less stain on the board.

  • L-shaped neck
  • Rubber grips on the handle and at the bottom
  • Compatible with both staplers and cleats
  • Pneumatic power
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Available in red and black
  • Interchangeable plates
  • Detachable neck
  • Might show operating error
  • Is not compatible with T-cleats

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the 3plus be used with a black rubber mallet?

Yes, the 3plus nailer can be used with a black rubber mallet.

2. Does the nailer need any battery?

No, the nailer uses air for power.

3. Is the 3plus interchangeable between L-cleats and Staplers?

Yes, it can work with both l-cleats and t-cleats.

4. Can the nailer work on the laminated floor?

It can work on the laminated floors of 3/8 inches and thinner.

Note the Worth

I believe the 3plus HFSNSP 2-in-1 pneumatic flooring nailer/stapler review has served its purpose by laying out all the necessary information required to make the purchase. If you really want to cut the nailing time short and also finish more works, there really is no other better choice within this price range.

Get yourself the handy nailer and conjure the sturdiest floorboards.

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