Arrow Fastener PT23G Arrow 23G Pin Nailer Review

Frankly, there could be nothing more fatiguing than having to work with a hammer and a nail in the old fashion way. In order to construct a beautiful wooden-floor arrangement, you have to drive multiple nails on to the board.

However, you do have options to spice up your carpent-ing game. Say goodbye to boring ways because the arrow fastener is here to shoot the fatigue down.

The Arrow Fastener PT23G pin nailer review will have you know that Arrow fastener is one of the esteemed brands. They manufacture wooden floor staplers that are suited for their consumers. The fastener PT23G is a hand-held model specialized for reaching narrow spaces and nailing smaller objects.

Apart from this modification, the model is also equipped with features that make it versatile.

Quick Look at the Features of Arrow Fastener PT23G Arrow Pin Nailer Review

  • The model is compact and can be handheld
  • Body made of die-hard aluminum alloy that ensures durability and sturdiness
  • It runs by pneumatic power
  • Uses thin pins that have no head and aids in filling holes that are covered in putty
  • Has safety mechanisms to protect from accidental triggers
  • Compatible with 23 gauge nail pins
  • A system for loading the pin magazine quicker is available
  • Applies a maximum pressure of 120 PSI
  • An exhaust circulation helps to direct the air generated from pneumatic power, away from the users
  • The handle is covered with a rubber mold grip for extra support
  • Can be used for projects that require trimming

Arrow Fastener PT23G Arrow 23G Pin Nailer Review

Nothing is as exciting in the nailer realm as its ingenious inception. The bigger nailers have taken over the market which is being adopted in manual, pneumatic as well as electrically powered forms. At this point, it is not unseen to the users.

Accordingly, Arrow came out with their new models that are specifically designed for nailing thin nails for filling putty holes and reaching narrow spaces where the bigger nailers cannot reach. The fastener PT23G is one of the first models designed to be hand-held and extremely portable.

Moreover, it has features that need to be discussed elaborately to bring forth its true potential.

  • Structure of the Nailer

It is proven that the nailers need to be able to bear brute forces to keep its shape. A strong force is channeled through a small-sized machine to drive nails into thick boards. If the nailer is not strong, it will falter too soon.

To avoid such problems, the arrow fastener has been built with a certified aluminum metal substance which preserves the outer body as well as keeps it lightweight. Since the device is handheld, it is a priority that the machine can be easily handled for an extended period of time.

In that sense, the machine only weighs about 2.8 pounds. Such a weight is very rare to come across among nailers of any kind and be as handheld or stand staplers.

However, the device may be strong but can summon enough power to drive the nails and creates an approximate of 120 PSI pressure. This makes it suitable for trimming, attaching and chaffing the wooden floors. It is a simple design with systematic triggers placed in a convenient position for the users.

  • Air Force Driven

The users have come across manually driven big floorboard staplers, electrically run nailer and also pneumatic powered nailers. At this point, all kinds of varieties have taken over the market but do not quite meet the need of the users.

Hence, the arrow fastener came out with the ingenious idea of incorporating pneumatic power into a handheld stapler.

Pneumatic power is basically air force working as a sort of fuel. The air generated inside the machine creates a vacuum of space, and exerts pressure on a piston. The regulation of power is, however, controlled by a systematic trigger.

Likewise, holding down on the trigger creates the vacuum space, which in turn produces enough power to drive the nail to the board.

On the other hand, handheld nailers are usually electrically powered and require a constant connection to the source. This can prove to be a hassle if the cord is not long enough. With the pneumatically powered nailer, the user can carry it anywhere and will not have to worry about the power source.

Thus, an element called air oil is required for running the device smoothly, and only a few drops will do the job.

  • Overall Convenience

The overall selling point of a nailer is the convenience it promises. It makes the job of drilling nails so much easier. Arrow fastener takes the convenience one step further with its pneumatically powered hand-held feature.

Moreover, for easier grip and better control, the handle is covered with a dotted rubber material. The trigger that releases the piston is conveniently placed under the thumb, which minimizes the chances of getting a hand cramp.

Consequently, the pneumatic powered gun produces air as a by-product which can cause disturbance to the users. This is why an exhaust cover drives away the air, and the cover is also adjustable. It also has a trigger mounted safety mechanism to reduce the chances of accidental triggering.

In addition, This Arrow fastener works with 23 gauge nails that can drive through 3/8 to 1 inch boards with ease. Moreover, for reloading the nail magazine, the model has a quick reloading mechanism as well.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Aluminum made
  • Trigger safety system
  • Pneumatic power
  • Reaches narrow spaces
  • Durable
  • Does not require a battery
  • Not suitable for thicker boards
  • Might show hammer resetting issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can handheld models work with cleats?

No, handheld models are typically brad nailers.

2. Does the machine require any oil?

The machine requires a few drops of air oil before use.

3. Can a pneumatically powered nailer be converted into an electrically powered nailer?

No, it can only run on pneumatic power.

4. Can the nails be driven below the surface of the board?

Depending on the measurement and placement, the nail can be driven entirely through the board.

Note that Worth

Not many nailers in the market are as convenient and reasonably priced as the Arrow fastener. From the Arrow Fastener PT23G Arrow 23G Pin Nailer review, it is evident that the model has tons of useful features that are applicable to the work of wooden flooring.

Therefore, if the pesky small areas are points you want to attach with a push of a button, definitely go for the Arrow fastener.

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