Difference between Brad nailer vs Pin nailer

What are the Difference between Brad Nailer vs Pin Nailer

In conducting the art of carpentry, or simply doing any trim within crafting and renovations, pin nails are crucial for the overall procedure. Specifically, they are used for detailed wood application, and most importantly, to prevent the splitting of wood. However, over the years, many confused pins with brad nailers, and some even thought that … Read more

NuMax SP123 23 Gauge Pneumatic Pin Nail Gun Review

NuMax SP123 23 Gauge Pneumatic Pin Nail Gun Review

Craftsmanship lies in detail. The more immaculate the work, the more well rounded will be the outcome. The precision and accuracy are especially needed by a carpenter when he wants to customize the floors with rich wooden floorboards. However, the task is tedious and requires patience. Nevertheless, no need to worry because the NuMax SP123 … Read more

Freeman PF18GLCN 18 Gauge Flooring Nailer Review

Freeman PF18GLCN 18 Gauge L-Cleat Flooring Nailer Review

“A bad worker quarrels with his tool”, or so goes the saying. However, it is not always the user’s fault when it comes to working with various tools. Sometimes, the machines are faulty and sometimes the tool is simply unavailable. Likewise, if a carpenter is quarreling with his handy old hammer and nail while drilling … Read more

Arrow Fastener PT23G Arrow 23G Pin Nailer

Arrow Fastener PT23G Arrow 23G Pin Nailer Review

Frankly, there could be nothing more fatiguing than having to work with a hammer and a nail in the old fashion way. In order to construct a beautiful wooden-floor arrangement, you have to drive multiple nails on to the board. However, you do have options to spice up your carpent-ing game. Say goodbye to boring … Read more


BOSTITCH BTFP12233 Smart Point 18GA Brad Nailer Kit Review

It’s the era of smart technology and innovation. Almost all of our daily necessities are now being controlled by technology. From our cell phone to transportation, even our toothbrush, everything has a touch of smart technology now. Accordingly, if you are a woodworker and wondering why your machines are lagging behind, good news for you, … Read more