How to Clean a Paslode Framing Nailer

How to Clean a Paslode Framing Nailer?

Paslode is a renowned manufacturer of creative and inventive tools such as framing nailers, brad nailers, and finishing nailers. Regardless of the high-quality materials provided by Paslode, extensive work will eventually lead to the gun being jammed or internal mechanisms being clogged. The makers suggest users to clean their framing guns every 6 months or … Read more

Best Cordless Brad Nailer

10 Best Cordless Battery Powered Brad Nailer in 2022

For anyone interested in doing projects themselves or woodwork at their home, one of the necessary power tools they will require is a Brad Nailer. And it is very convenient when your Brad nailer is cordless and connected with a battery. This saves you the hassle of getting tangled in cords and causing an accident. … Read more

Best Nail Gun for Fencing

12 Best Nail Gun for Fencing

If you’re thinking about upgrading the looks of your yard, then a good idea is to build a fence around it. Luckily, this is something you can undertake on your own. However, what seems like a great plan can quickly turn into a nightmare if you fail to use the right tools. A nail gun … Read more

How to Use a Nail Gun With an Air Compressor

How to Use a Nail Gun With an Air Compressor

From installing moldings to creating picture frames, combining an air compressor with a pneumatic nail gun opens up tons of options for both pros and DIY enthusiasts. Since air-powered nail guns are more affordable than battery-operated ones, most people will use them with their air compressors and unlock various possibilities. But for this, you must … Read more

Best Pin Nailer

Best Pin Nailer Reviews 2022

For every craftsman, creating and putting it all together is all part of the process. There are many ways to do that. Whether you choose the liquid glue route or a fastening route, they all do the same job. However, one of the fastest, cleanest, accurate, easiest and most efficient ways to do that is … Read more

How to Toenail With a Nail Gun

Tips on How to Toenail With a Nail Gun: Step-By-Step Guideline

Toe nailing refers to driving the nails through the nailing surface at an angle. It comes in handy where you can’t drive in the nail through the surface. Toenailing with its angled position helps in attaching two joints strongly. So, toenailing has become part and parcel of woodworking jobs. Carpenters and amateurs use hammers for … Read more


Nail Gun Maintenance: A Guide Every DIYer Must Read

Anything that you take care of lasts a long time and it is especially true in case of tools and equipment. It’s like a ripple on a still lake where your one cautious step can increase the longevity of your tool by leaps and bound. Now, why wouldn’t you want your tools to last long, … Read more

How to Unjam a Nail Gun

How to Unjam a Nail Gun

I’m sure you know what nail guns are used for, right? It’s used for different kinds of construction work. A nail gun is a power tool used for driving nails into different materials or surfaces. And owning this kind of tool also comes with lots of maintenance issues. One of the most frustrating problems that … Read more

How to Use a Nail Gun for Decking

Tips On How to Use a Nail Gun for Decking

The deck has become an integral part of most homes these days. From enhancing the value of your home to adding outdoor enjoyments, a deck brings a sense of completeness at home. So, no wonder why most homeowners look for building a deck in their outdoor. While many people will call for a professional decking … Read more