Best Circular Saw Rip Fence – Review and Top Picks

Are you looking for the best circular saw rip fence on the market? Look no further! Our top-rated circular saw rip fence is designed to provide you with precision and accuracy when cutting wood. It features adjustable rails and a built-in scale to ensure that your cuts are accurate and consistent. We’ll dive into the features, benefits, and tips on how to use this rip fence so that you can make the most of your projects.

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Top picks

DEWALT DW3278 Circular Saw Fence

DEWALT Circular Saw Fence (DW3278)

This Rip Fence from DEWALT is designed for use with several of the company’s circular saws, including models DWE575, DWE575SB, DWE364, DWS535, and DW384. It is crafted from all metal for a long life and is fastened and designated with a simple tightening screw. This product provides smooth, precise results and is easy to attach through slots at the front of the saw shoe.

It is important to note that this item is not compatible with all DEWALT circular saws.

Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Guide

Kreg KMA2685 Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Premium Home Improvement just got easier with Kreg Tools! This saw guide turns your circular saw into a precision edge-guided tool that can help with any project. The Universal sled holds the guide rail and edge guide, making the circular saw guide portable and making it a great tool for any workshop. The edge guide is reversible, so it works for left- or right-bladed saws, and the large handle on the edge guide maintains contact with the material, making it an accessible tool for all users.

With Kreg Tools, it’s never been easier to close the gap between idea and outcome.

Powswopx 164095-8 Rip Fence for Circular Saws

Powswopx Replacement 164095-8_ Rip Fence for Circular Saws, Metal Rip Fence Edge Guide Tool Part for Circular Saws 5005BA, 5007NB, 5057KB, 5046DwB, 5621DWA

This 164095-8 Circular Saw Guide Rule is a must-have for any woodworker. It features an all-metal design and fits Makita models 5008NB, 5005BA, 5007NBA, 5077B, 5820, 5007NB, 4200NH, 5007FAK, 5007FK, 5094D, BSS501, BSS611, 5008MGA, 5007NK, 5057KB, 5094DWD, BSS610Z, BSS611Z, 5007MG, 5007FA, 5007F, 5007N, 5600DW, 5604 5093 5107 BSS500,BSS501#. This guide rule is perfect for saws, circular saws, and trim saws.

With dimensions of 11.5″ L x 4.8″ W x 0.

5″ H, this Circular Saw Guide Rule is a must-have for any serious woodworker. Package includes one 164095-8 Circular Saw Guide Rule.

Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit, #49-22-4146

Milwaukee Rip Fence Kit, Model# 49-22-4146

Introducing the Model 49-22-4146 from the U.S.A! This easy to install thumb screw set includes two chrome-plated thumb screws that are perfect for everyday use.

They are made from sturdy steel and have a beautiful finish that will add a touch of class to any project. Their unique design makes them ideal for use in tight spaces and their corrosion-resistant properties make them a great choice for all your needs. Get the Model 49-22-4146 from the U.

S.A today and start enjoying the convenience and style of thumb screws!

Black & Decker Circular Saw Rip Fence 90568785

Black & Decker OEM 90568785 Circular Saw Rip Fence CS1014 CS1015 CS1024-AR CS1024-B2 CS1024-B2C CS1024-B3 CS1024-B3LZ CS1024-BR CS1024D-AR CS1024D-B2 CS1024D-B2C CS1024D-B3 CS1024D-BR

Are you looking for a genuine, OEM Black & Decker replacement part? Look no further! This Black & Decker replacement rip fence, part number 90568785, is compatible with many Black & Decker models, including CS1014 Type 1, CS1015 Type 1, CS1024-AR Type 1, CS1024-B2 Type 1, CS1024-B2C Type 1, CS1024-B3 Type 1, CS1024-B3LZ Type 1, CS1024-BR Type 1, CS1024D-AR Type 1, CS1024D-B2 Type 1, CS1024D-B2C Type 1, CS1024D-B3 Type 1, CS1024D-BR Type 1, CS1024K-AR Type 1, CS1024K-B2 Type 1, CS1024K-B2C Type 1, CS1024K-B3 Type 1, CS1024K-BR Type 1, CS1034-AR Type 1, CS1034-B2 Type 1, CS1034-B2C Type 1, CS1034-B3 Type 1, CS1034-BR Type 1, STEL311-B3 Type 1, STSC1718-AR Type 1, STSC1718-B2 Type 1. Measuring approximately 10.05 X 3.

35 X 1.30 inches, this replacement rip fence is the perfect fit for your Black & Decker tools. Get your genuine OEM Black & Decker replacement part today!

How To Choose Circular Saw Rip Fence

When choosing a circular saw rip fence, consider its compatibility with your saw, its maximum and minimum cutting capacities, and its adjustability. Look for a fence that offers easy and accurate adjustment and an easy-to-read scale. Make sure the fence fits your saw and is the right size for the projects you plan to do.


To ensure the accuracy of your circular saw rip fence, it is important to check the alignment of the fence to the blade, the tightness of the fence to the saw, and that the fence is parallel to the table surface. Regularly check these points and make necessary adjustments to ensure optimal sawing performance.


When looking for a circular saw rip fence, it is important to check the durability. Look for features like heavy-duty construction materials, a secure locking mechanism, and an adjustable design for precision cuts. Additionally, check the manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


When purchasing a circular saw, it is important to check the adjustability of the rip fence. This will ensure the fence is easy to use and can be adjusted quickly and accurately to make straight, precise cuts. Be sure to check the range of adjustability, as well as the locking mechanism to ensure the fence is secure when in use.


When purchasing a circular saw rip fence, it is important to consider the quality and cost of the product. Check reviews to ensure the product is reliable and long-lasting. Additionally, look for features such as adjustable settings and laser guides to ensure accuracy and efficient results.

Finally, compare prices to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.


1. How do I adjust the rip fence on my circular saw for a precise cut?

To adjust the rip fence on a circular saw, first ensure the saw is unplugged and the blade is stopped. Loosen the locking knob located at the back of the rip fence and slide the fence to the desired measurement. Once the fence is in the desired position, tighten the locking knob to secure the fence in place.

Finally, use a ruler or measuring tape to double check the accuracy of the fence before use.

2. How do I know which rip fence is the right one for my circular saw?

The best way to know which rip fence is the right one for your circular saw is to measure the width of the saw’s base plate and then purchase a rip fence that is slightly wider than that measurement. Additionally, you should make sure that the rip fence is compatible with your model of saw.

3. What is the best way to maintain a rip fence for my circular saw?

The best way to maintain a rip fence for a circular saw is to ensure it is securely attached to the saw, free of dust and debris, and regularly checked for any damage or wear. Additionally, the rip fence should be regularly adjusted to ensure it is aligned properly with the saw blade. To ensure accuracy, it is also important to check the fence against a straight edge before use.


The best circular saw rip fence is one that is easy to install and adjust, is durable, and provides the most accuracy and stability when cutting. It should be made of quality materials and have features such as anti-kickback protection and a dust extraction port. Investing in a quality circular saw rip fence is a must for any woodworker or DIYer to ensure they are able to make precise and accurate cuts every time.