Best Cordless Finish Nailer

7 Best Cordless Finish Nailer in 2023

There are many reasons why you should take up DIY projects. They help you learn new skills, save money, utilize time properly, and keep you active. Not to mention, the sense of achievement that you feel afterward does wonders for your confidence.

But the flaws in your work that are barely noticeable to others may seem humongous to you. Determination and laser-sharp focus aren’t enough to achieve the perfection you desire.

For a proper finish, you need the proper equipment. And when it comes to woodworking, that means having the best cordless finish nailer in your toolbox.

Here, we have a list of the 7 top finish nail guns for you. And if you need help, we have included a little buying guide as well.

Best Cordless Battery-powered Finish Nailer

    # Best affordable: Ryobi P325 One+

   # Best overall: Paslode 916000

   # Best nailer with battery:  CRAFTSMAN (CMCN616C1)

   # Best runners up: DEWALT (DCN660B)

  # Best portability: PORTER-CABLE (PCC792LA)


Best Cordless Finish Nailer Reviews

There are no alternatives to finish nailers if you’re looking for power tools with speed and precision. And if it is mobility and convenience you want, cordless options like the ones down below would be a great fit.


 1.     Ryobi P325 One+ Battery Powered Cordless 16 Gauge Finish Nailer

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When it comes to home renovations, you will love using the Ryobi P325. It would make your life easier in the long haul and you can use it to build anything, from wainscotting to assembling bookshelves.

The original packaging does not include a battery which may seem a little cumbersome considering the money you are spending. But the nailer is compatible with an older NiCad or any other lithium-ion battery you might already have lying around.

If you are looking to reduce toxic wastes, you might appreciate this very detail.

A single charge to the 4-amp battery would last you up to 800 shots. You can work an entire day and still have some power to spare. This also saves you from the trouble of lugging around extra batteries.

There is a switch on the back of the unit which allows you to conveniently adjust the air pressure. Even the depth can be regulated by simply twisting a knob without requiring extra tools.

The nail gun also features an indicator that warns you if you’re running out of nails. This prevents you from dry firing and damaging your woods. You can also use the LED lighting at the head to guide you while you work and act as an additional safety measure.

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  • Adjust air pressure according to the type of boards to get a premium finish
  • Does not require extra tools to modify depth shots
  • Low nail indicator stops you from dry firing and damaging woods
  • Easily clear jams with the flip of a level
  • LED lights to guide you in dim working conditions
  • Slightly heavy to carry around
  • Using LED lights may drain battery power faster



2.     PASLODE 16 Gauge Battery and Fuel Cell Powered Finsh Nailer (916000)

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If you are in the market for lightweight cordless nailers, you must check out Paslode’s 9160000. Weighing only 4.6 pounds, this is the tool to get that ultimate comfort and control.

This tool doesn’t miss! It is a no-brainer to learn how to wield this gun. And once you do, its powerful precision will make sure your nails are hitting your crown moldings and other surfaces accurately every single time.

Your workspace will be pristine by the time you are done, with no scratches and markings to catch your eye.

Its ability to drive up to 12,000 nails per charge including 1-1/4-inch to 2-1/2-inch length fasteners makes it one of the best battery-powered finish nailers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You can set in up to 1000 nails per hour, with a minimum of 2 nails per second.

The ‘Twist’N’Lock’ fuel delivery system installed in it secures significant, reliable, and easier loading. So, you can forget about downtime with this efficient Paslode nail gun.

The gun has a superior build quality and is a little rugged. You can reach the nooks and crannies exactly the way you want, whether you’re working overhead or on your knees.

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  • Powerful precision ensures accuracy for every nail
  • No downtime so you can save time
  • Lightweight tools for comfort and convenience
  • Pristine work surface afterward with no-mar tip
  • Need to use a gas fuel cell along with the battery
  • Regular maintenance to continue reliability


3.     CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Finish Nailer Kit (CMCN616C1)

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This nailer can’t be beaten when it comes to rechargeable power tools you want for quick jobs. It is more suited for medium-duty work, like window replacements and slight trims while doing a little home remodeling.

It is made mostly of synthetic materials except for the metal tip. Although it is not exactly lightweight, you can hang it from your belt using a hook to keep your hands free when not in use.

The excellent tool motor power will consistently maintain your efficiency and speed while you work. You don’t need to charge the unit frequently since the battery lasts a long time and has great power to sink every nail.

Besides the built-in lights to guide you in firing, there is an LED indicator for the battery level as well.

It’s also quiet to use as there is no noisy compressor driving you and your pets crazy. The tool does not easily get jammed and even if it does, you can easily clear it without additional instruments. Just press the nose for quick release.

It is also highly comfortable to use with the contoured over-moulded handle that you didn’t know you needed. The handle also includes a hidden safety feature preventing you from misfiring and causing accidents.

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  • Does not require an extra tool to clear nail jams
  • Belt hook for convenient access and storage
  • Recharging takes little time
  • Safety features to prevent accidental misfiring
  • Feels heavy and bulky if you are used to air-driven models
  • There is a slight lag between strikes


4.     DEWALT 20V MAX 16GA Angled Finish Nailer (DCN660B)

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Point and shoot- just like you would with a camera. There are no other words to describe how easy it is to work with this power tool.

It is an absolute gem of a tool that would save you hours and hours of tedious and tiring work. Precious time that you can spend on other projects by using this slightly expensive powering tool.

There is a dual switch that allows you to smoothly shift from single to multiple shots mode. This just makes quick repairs so much easier. If you need an efficient firing system with less precise fastener placement, you will love the ‘bump firing’ mode here.

It has a wide adjustment setting so you can fine-tune the depth adjustment anyway you want. Shooting 2-1/2-inch nails feel like shooting air and they go in perfectly every time. You will also see no noticeable indent from the detent mechanism and get the polished look you desire.

The 20-degree range of the finish nailer allows you to get into the odd corners and tough-to-get places. Not to mention, the LED built into the handle provides sufficient illumination, not only to where you are pointing but around it as well.

Now, you do not need to lug around an air compressor everywhere to get that flawless crown molding.

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  • Do not have to carry around an air compressor or hose
  • Can access the tight corners because of 20-degree range
  • Makes appropriately sized holes for crown moulding, baseboard, and door casings
  • Heavily reduces downtime and allows you to take on more projects
  • Doesn’t come with a hard case to carry around
  • Does not indicate low ammo and thus causes dry firing


 5.      PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Finish Nailer (PCC792LA)

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If you are tired of the tedious process of dragging out the compressor and impatiently waiting for the pressure in your nail guns to build up, I’m more than happy to tell you that those days are gone. This Porter-Cable 16-gauge finish nail gun is always ready to use and changing nails has been easier.

It is 100% battery-powered which eliminates the need for a compressor or a hose. You don’t have to spend extra bucks on costly gas cartridges anymore either. The motor is designed to provide a constant firing power, regardless of the weather and climate conditions.

The build quality and ergonomics of the finish nailer is excellent. It is thinner than other models as the end cap of the motor is placed on the side rather than the rear. But don’t let the large profile fool you. Compared to its competitors, this nail gun weighs nearly half a pound lighter making it easier to carry around.

Multiple tool-free settings have been incorporated to increase productivity and user safety. The lockout switch below the trigger makes sure you don’t accidentally start shooting when holding the gun. You will also appreciate the rubber over-mold on the handle that ensures a secure grip.

The device provides amazing performance, and it can effortlessly hammer in 2-1/2-inch nails without requiring full power. So, if you need to work on thicker materials, you will always have some extra force in reserve.

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  • Weighs lighter than competitor models so easier to carry around
  • Lockout switch to prevent accidental firing
  • Uses a dual light system to effectively help align the shot
  • Leaves enough reserve power to work on thicker materials
  • Need to fully disengage and reengage the tip every time
  • No dry fire lockout so you must keep the magazines in check



 6.     Metabo HPT Cordless Finish Nailer Kit (NT1865DMS)

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Built to last a lifetime, this brushless motor has a prolonged runtime per charge all without the fuss of hoses, compressors, and gas cartridges. It is designed to have increased durability and does not require frequent maintenance.

If you are used to pneumatic nailers, you will enjoy using this finish nailer for it provides the exact benefits without having to carry around a compressor. You will even get the exact recoil-feel experience! It is possible because of the unique air spring drive system that uses compressed air to drive each nail.

Equipped with a selective actuation button, you can easily move from sequential mode to bump-fire mode when needed. So, if you need to rapidly fire nails or go slow and steady, you can do it easily without having to switch the machine itself.

Unlike most finish nailers, this unit has a quicker response time between drives and a zero ramp up time.

The battery life is impressive, and you can easily complete long jobs hassle-free. It is mostly because of the auto-off feature that shuts down the machine if it’s not in use for a while.

This saves you from having a dead gun and endless frustration if you forget to turn it off for some reason. Moreover, you can count on it to set the nails flush and not jam up even after heavy use.

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  • Little to no recovery time so it’s always ready to use
  • The auto-off feature stops the battery from draining when not in use
  • Can use up to 10 hours or set up to 15, 000 nails per charge
  • Comes with a pair of safety glasses
  • Need to buy nails separately
  • The gun struggles to shoot 2” nails into the hardwood


 7.     SENCO 5N0001N Fusion 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer

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You can expect great things from the SENCO 6N0001N nail gun, and it will exceed your expectations every time. Don’t let the looks fool you for it has many advanced features and will make all the money you spent on it worth it.

Equipped to function like a pneumatic tool, it also provides you with the convenience and mobility of being cordless as well. The reflex-shot feature allows you to increase your speed without ramp-up time concern.

And if you run out of fasteners, the ‘dry fire lock-out’ feature will cease gunfire and stop you from ruining your surface.

Now that you’re in awe of its amazing performance, let’s talk about design next. Its ergonomic shape ensures you have a proper grip, and that it is well-balanced to avoid any unwanted operator fatigue.

It almost feels like an extension of your arm! And because of the fusion technology used to build this one-of-a-kind nail gun, it is highly preferred by many professionals and experts.

You can save money on additional power sources because the 18V Lithium-ion battery does not exhaust easily and recharges fast when required.

With only fifteen minutes, you can charge it enough to last half a day. Let’s not forget about the operational cost you’ll be saving since you don’t need to purchase gas anymore.

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  • Reflex-shot design to trigger a quick response
  • Clear jams fast with innovative EZ feature
  • Dry lock-out feature stops from misfiring an empty gun
  • The robust aluminum drive cylinder and aluminum magazine used are damage resistant
  • Does not work well with larger nails


How to Choose the best one

Each finish nailer has different applications, and you must get one that best suits your work. Otherwise, the polished end-look that you want will be near impossible to get. Down below is a little buying guide that will hopefully ease your confusion and further narrow down your choices.


You need to choose the gauge level depending on the type of work you have. The higher the gauge number, the thinner it will be. And you need the right number to maintain the structural integrity of the material that you would be using.

A 15 to16-gauge works just fine for paneling, crown modeling, door jambs, and more. As they are bigger, the hole they leave behind is also considerably large. You might need to cover them with fillers afterward.

Weight and Comfort

Unless you want to get carpenter’s elbow or any other operator fatigue, you need to purchase a tool that would put little to no stress on your limbs.

Cordless finish nailers already provide the benefit of mobility, so it already saves you the hassle of carrying compressors and hoses. Now, all you need to do is find the right weight.

However, batteries play an important role while considering the weight. You don’t want to buy a lightweight nailer only for it to die before lunchtime. Not to mention, you might have to carry additional batteries which defeats the purpose of purchasing a lighter machine in the first place.


If you need to reach tighter and compact spaces, you would be better off with a smaller sized tool or one with an angle. The height of the angled machines is diminished so you can easily reach the compact corners.

But if you mostly need to drive a nail straight, save extra bucks by getting a straight nailer.

Trigger Operation

When it comes to nail guns, you need to fire either single shots or multiple shots. The sequential mode, also known as the single-shot mode, provides more accuracy and is safer. However, you need to disengage and reengage the trigger between every shot.

On the other hand, choose a finish nailer with a bump-fire mode which is a lot faster. But it is also riskier as you may have a higher chance of accidental shooting. On top of that, it isn’t precise either.

If you plan to use both modes for work, you don’t have to get separate tools. Most models nowadays come with both options with easy switch mechanisms. Check whether it comes with a trigger or you might have to purchase a new one.


We recommend reading up on product reviews thoroughly beforehand. Reputable brands have an impeccable record of producing good quality products to protect their brand image and name.

Moreover, they provide an excellent warranty that assures you of their service and ensures investment security.


When it comes to building cabinets, bookshelves, or working in dim lit areas, you need to have sufficient lighting. You do not want to be firing the gun blindly and damage your wood,or even accidentally hurt yourself.

A cordless finish nailer with LED lights is suitable in this case that projects shadowless light to not only where you would be firing, but also the area surrounding it.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do pneumatic models and cordless tools use the same nails?

While the nails for pneumatic models may be cross-compatible with cordless models, most fasteners for the cordless models are collated in different lengths and bonding patterns. So, they may not be compatible the other way around.

  1. Can I use standard pneumatic oil to maintain my cordless tools?

To lubricate and maintain your cordless tools, you need a specific oil that is compatible with the temperature and combustibility. You should clean your tools at regular intervals to maintain their product longevity.

  1. How would I know if a finish nailer is durable?

A long warranty period usually signals that you would not be facing any problems with your nail gun in the long run. Most nailers come with 2-3 years of warranty while some even guarantee a lifetime warranty as well.

  1. Are finish nailers and brad nailers the same?

While the functions of both nailers are similar, the types of nails they use are different. Finish nailers can only fit finish nails which are thicker in diameter and are useful for hefty applications. On the other hand, brad nailers use brad nails which are thinner and suitable for materials like plywood.

  1. Among pneumatic nail guns and cordless nailers, which one is more powerful?

Pneumatic nail guns are more powerful as they use air compressors for non-stop firing. Although cordless nailers are highly convenient, they may not be suitable for heavy-duty work and jam easily.


Final Words

You simply cannot work without a finish nailer if you want a flawless and premium finish. It is so much easier and saves you a lot of energy and time, especially when you get a wireless model for more mobility.

An investment in one of the best cordless finish nailers will provide you good value and it won’t be something you might ever regret.