7 Best Stapler for Upholstery In 2022

Reupholstering the furniture in your home takes time and dedication. But it also renders luxurious results that look ornate in the eyes of your guests.

This budget-friendly solution takes a lush fabric of your choice, and of course, an upholstery staple gun.

With the best stapler for upholstery, you can tuft cushions for your plain sofa, give your humble headboard a plushy look, skirt vintage vanity tables, and whatnot!

This way, you can overhaul your rustic decor for an illustrious semblance- without spending a king’s ransom too!

So, before sending out your furniture for a yard sale, get a staple gun and give DIY renovation a shot. You’ll find the top-rated ones right here!

7 Best Stapler for Upholstery

Your home renovation ideas will finally take flight when you have a cool upholstery stapler for help. Head over to our staple gun reviews to know their ins and outs!


 1.     Surebonder 9600B Pneumatic Heavy-Duty  T-50 Type Stapler

FPC (Surebonder) 9600B 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler with Case (air compressor needed not included)

Whether you’re tufting your favorite chair or upholstering the queen headboard, Surebonder’s pneumatic stapler can help you bring a touch of elegance to all your home decor projects! It supports a wide range of applications, which is always welcome for versatile use inside and outside the house.

Surebonder 9600B allows you to explore the rigors and the delicacies of fine upholstery, professional insulation, quick screen repair, woodworking, and fencing repairs in your home and garage.

It has a quick-release magazine that holds 100 staples. This staple gun allows narrow crown (3/8 inch) 18-gauge staples in various sizes from 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 17/32, and 9/16-inches! In total. It also accepts Surebonder # 4, Arrow T50, or Stanley TRA700 Series staples.

It prevents accidental firing and features an adjustable exhaust system. The quick-release magazine ensures a hassle-free staple loading, and the staple viewer lets you know when to load up the gun!

Lastly, the roomy case in which the product arrives is robustly made to endure high impacts. You will also find an Allen wrench, a bottle of oil for maintenance, and easy instructions for use.

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  • Comes with wrench and carrying case
  • Offers smooth staple loading by the quick-release magazine
  • Total 6250 staples in ¼-inch, 5/16-inch, ⅜-inch, ½-inch, and 9/16-inch sizes
  • Protects against accidental firing
  • Cannot handle 200 psi air pressure


2.     WORKPRO Staple Gun, 6-in-1, Manual Brad Nailer

WORKPRO Staple Gun, 6-in-1, Manual Brad Nailer with 4000 Counts Staples, Upholstery Stapler Nail Gun for Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture,...

Featuring unbelievable compatibility with six different types of nails and staples, the glory of the WORKPRO Staple Gun goes far beyond your occasional refurbishing projects. It’s a powerful tool made for professionals.

We came across this product when no staple gun could surprise us with their commonplace specs. But WORKPRO sure pushed the boundaries with this one. For starters, this 6-in-one power tool is compatible with T50 staples, JT21, T20, 18-Gauge brad nails, CT10X, and pins.

Additionally, for a multifunctional brad nailer, this product features some cutting-edge controls which work flawlessly. Take its anti-jamming mechanism, for example. You use the same magazine for all types of fasteners and yet never jam it in the process!

This staple gun offers two power levels for different kinds of materials. If you use the high setting for delicate tasks such as setting up a trim, you might damage the embellishment.

That said, operating this power tool with precision requires much more than stable hands. But thanks to its intuitive controls, learning the ropes of this WORKPRO staple gun is fairly easy! We also noticed how its retractable handle helped with the storage.

Lastly, the set includes the mighty staple gun and four types of staples and nails in T50, JT21, T20, 18-gauge brad categories. You will get a thousand fasteners of each type, which amounts to a whopping four thousand nails and staples for free!

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  • Suitable for CT10X, JT21, T20, 18-Gauge brad nails, T50 staples, and ⅝-inch pins
  • A retractable locking handle for easy storage
  • Comes with 4000 nails and staples
  • A single magazine for 6 types of fasteners
  • Doesn’t work with steel sheets


 3.     WEN 61705 Air-Powered Pneumatic T50 Stapler

WEN 61705 20-Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Air-Powered Pneumatic T50 Stapler for Upholstery and Woodworking

With a heavy-duty staple gun like the WEN 61795, you can seriously start a vintage furniture upholstery shop and never look back. No, we’re not kidding! Its fastening performance is no less than that of a professional!

Featuring a compact design and a bunch of user-friendly specs, WEN 61705 is of the same unbeatable standard as their premium power tools. To begin with, it is compatible with ¼-inch to 9/16-inch 22-gauge Crown staples. The magazine, however, remains quite average with a 100 staple capacity.

Its magazine-viewing window allows you to check on the staple supply so the gun doesn’t drop dead in the tracks. As for your comfort, you get a 360° rotating exhaust for aiming the airflow in any direction.

You can pick any available air compressor for supplying power to the WEN air tool. In fact, the compressor you use for driving your nailer, paint gun, or hammer is more than perfect for the job.

All you have to do is attach the included ¼-inch NPT air inlet to the compressor. Be careful not to drive up the pressure beyond 100 PSI on your 0.28 SCFM air compressor. We can understand; it’s hard to trust a 1.8lbspower tool this petite with big projects such as home remodeling.

But if you pull some strings, you’ll find out that most builders, carpenters, and renovators trust a WEN tool above all else. For the price, it’s definitely worth trying out!

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  • Features a long nose for stapling fabric in tough corners
  • Shoots standard ⅜-inch Crown staples from ¼ inches to 9/16 inches
  • Ideal for upholstery, trim work, woodworking, vinyl installation, etc.
  • Weighs only 1.8 pounds
  • The staple gun occasionally dry-fires


 4.     NEU MASTER NTC0060 Electric Nail Gun/Staple Gun

Brad Nailer, NEU MASTER NTC0060 Electric Nail Gun/Staple Gun for DIY Project of Upholstery, Carpentry and Woodworking, Including Staples and Nails

A high-performing electric nail gun goes a long way. It may also surpass the superiority of air-powered guns at times. This two-in-one electric nail gun and staple gun duo by NEU MASTER put the precedence back into your projects!

For example, this nailer-stapler duo can help you with carpentry, woodworking, and renovation- three areas where your creativity shines the brightest!

The product is also comfortable to use. Be it installing insulation materials or putting up trims and baseboards; there is hardly a thing this NEU MASTER electric brad nailer can’t do!

Upholstering sofas and refinishing cabinets will no longer have you summon a carpenter that charges heavily by the hour. You can master most part of their techniques only when you’re passionate and have a quality staple gun loaded for action!

Currently, we have our eyes on this electric nailer and stapler duo. A gun that shoots both a nail and a staple has got to be a prized tool in your arsenal- especially because it’s two commonly used carpentry products in the size of one.

Truth be told, the NEU MASTER NTC0060 is the best electric staple gun in our experience. It fires 30 staples a minute, incorporates a quick jam releasing formula, and doesn’t require a compressor. Also, it packs two hundred ⅝-inch brad nails and nearly 350 ⅜-inch staples to get you started right away.

And finally, its power adjustment knob allows you to turn up the pressure for challenging projects.


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  • Can fire 30 staples under a minute
  • Shoots ⅝-inch brad nails for installing trims and molds
  • The staple sizes are ideal for installing upholstery to changing headboards
  • Its stapler allows you to install delicate ceiling tiles and join carpets
  • Some prefer air-powered staplers over electric staplers


5.     3PLUS H7116SP 22 Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler

3PLUS H7116SP 22 Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler for 71 Series Staples, 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch

Giving your home a complete makeover might not require a professional renovator after all. When you got the 3PLUS Crown upholstery stapler, DIY remodeling is an easy game to play!

The 3PLUS H7116SP is an outstanding pneumatic upholstery stapler that doesn’t go beyond the budget.  It feels not only lightweight and easy in the hands but also offers DIY home improvement at its best. For starters, you may use it for screen door replacement and tuft your regular benches to brilliance.

This pneumatic tool is suitable for pursuing a small hobby as well as reupholstering your entire collection of furniture. However, you’re going to have the most fun if you know the woodworking ABCs.

The staple has done wonders in DIY cabinet-making. Needless to say, it can be that one thing that elevates your newly tufted drawing-room sofa to the class of the experts.

You could repair the fences around the garden, add batting to your dresser, or set carpets around the house with this multifunctional device. Moreover, you’re absolutely going to like how compatible the product is with 22-gauge ⅜-inch Crown staples from any brand.

It can drive ¼-inch to ⅝-inch staples without a hassle. Although, like any other power tool, it’s not immune to jamming. However, its quick jam-release function makes it possible for you to get back to work as soon as possible!

If you want to avoid jamming the staple gun altogether, remember to set the pressure on your air compressor somewhere between 60 PSI to 100 PSI.

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  • Suitable for wooden furniture assembly
  • The comfortable handle eliminates user fatigue for long term projects
  • Drives ¼-inch to ⅝-inch Crown staples
  • The magazine holds 180 staples at a time
  • Doesn’t accept standard T50 staples


6.     Freeman PFWS Pneumatic 20-Gauge 9/16” Fine Wire Stapler

Freeman PFWS Pneumatic 20-Gauge 9/16' Fine Wire Stapler Ergonomic and Lightweight Nail Gun with No Mar Tip For Screens, Upholstery, and Crafts , Black

This Freeman PFWS pneumatic gun is perfect for those fragile and luxurious projects you can rock all by yourself! It flaunts an ergonomically designed body, a 360° adjustable air exhaust, and a comfy handle to be your favorite power tool for now and forever.

When it comes to upholstering furniture with delicate silk or its synthetic counterpart- acetate, you don’t need a heavy-duty staple gun. In fact, if your uses are going to be tufting cushions and upholstering three-seaters with fine fabric, a 20-gauge fine wire staple gun should suffice.

This stapler by Freeman offers a bunch of features we didn’t expect to find in this price range. To begin with, it features lightweight aluminum construction with heat-treated parts and runs only nine inches in length.

With a weight of 2.2 pounds, we won’t say that it is the lightest of them all; but it sure is easy to move around for upholstering platform beds and benches!

Additionally, you can use this product for insulating hardwood timber, assembling cabinets and silkscreens as well as changing the interior of your car. Its anodized aluminum magazine easily loads ¼-inch to 8/16-inch staples.

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  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum with steel parts for extra durability
  • Includes safety goggles, a belt hook, air tool maintenance oil, and necessary adjustment tools
  • Non-marring safety tip to protect your workpiece surface
  • Suitable for 20-gauge staples from ¼-inch to 9/16-inch sizes
  • A 360° rotating exhaust for ease of use
  • The magazine can hold only a hundred fasteners


 7.     PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler C-Crown

PORTER-CABLE Upholstery Stapler, C-Crown, 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch, 22GA (US58)

Porter-Cable upholstery stapler, a small handy tool with unbeatable specs, unlocks the doors to easy DIY home decor and carpentry for you! This staple gun is compatible with all regular Senco C-Type 3/8-inch crown staples- a perfect size for tufting and upholstering!

What we liked about the C-Crown staple gun is how its driver-guide moved back with the magazine. It allows unintentional jams to clear up quickly while the magazine remains open.

Since the magazine is located at the bottom of the gun, its weight and placement give you the upper hand in reupholstering home furniture.

Its 185-staple capacity is quite enough for non-professional use. Additionally, it’s also of the right capacity for small-scale woodworkers and home renovators alike.

As for the attachments, you get a ¼-inch air fitting with a handy dust cover. The bottle of tool oil was a surprise. However, you have to manage the air compressor from somewhere else.

The Porter-Cable US58 staple gun requires air pressure from 70 PSI to 120 PSI. Needless to say, the gun will work with nearly every air compressor you currently have your hands on.

But be careful not to exceed the said pressure. Other than that, newbie or not, you’ll face absolutely no difficulty operating this Porter-Cable staple gun.

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  • Suitable for 22-gauge, C-Crown staples
  • Compatible with 1/4-inch to 5/8-inch staple sizes
  • Comes with a ¼-inch air fitting with a dust cover
  • Features a 1-inch nose extension for reaching tough corners
  • Might occasionally jam if the air pressure is too low

Features to Look for Before Buying

Deciding on a staple gun isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to upholstery, you need to think over the stapler capacity, type, and supported fasteners before making a decision.

In fact, you also need to consider the weight since reupholstering the couch and cushion is a delicate job that demands precision. Besides, you have to make sure that the staples are firmly lodged inside the tufts and not sticking out.

So, how to find the right stapler for upholstery? Let’s find out!


Air VS. Electric Stapler

Many of us have a hard time choosing between an air-powered stapler and an electric stapler. While an electric stapler looks pretty lucrative with the riddance of an air compressor, some prefer the modern pneumatic ones for their incredible output.

It’s true that you need an air compressor, preferably a 0.28 SFCM one, and connect it to the male adapter or an air inlet on the staple gun before you start shooting. Then there is an obvious risk of damaging the tool if you drive the pressure higher than its optimum levels.

But these pneumatic tools can send staples deeper into the base material than the electric stapler in your neighborhood superstore. A project accomplished with an air-powered stapler is much more long-lasting and durable than that with its electric counterpart.

That doesn’t mean electric staple guns are completely useless. For small DIY and refurbishing projects, an electric gun can render remarkable results. You just need to plug it into an outlet and then control its pressure with the on-board pressure adjustment knob.

The NEU MASTER NTC0060 is a high-performing electric gun that sets many entry-level to professional pneumatic power tools on the run for their money!


Compatible Staple Sizes

Jamming nail guns is a common predicament in the life of a DIY artist or a professional carpenter in the making. It happens largely because you set low air pressure, to begin with, or you’re using a whole mag of wrong staples.

That said, pay attention to what type of staple you’ll be needing for the job, and then look for staple guns that do support the size.

Average pneumatic guns are mostly compatible with 3/8-inch crown staples from ¼-inch to ⅝-inch lengths. The Surebonder 9600B shoots T50 staples in ¼-inch, 5/16-inch, ⅜-inch, ½-inch, and 9/16-inch sizes.

Then there are those one-of-a-kind power tools like the WORKPRO 6-in-1 staple gun. It is compatible with 6 styles of fasteners such as T50 staples, JT21, T20, 18-Gauge brad nails, CT10X, and ⅝-inch pins. Pretty convenient, no?


Magazine Capacity

The magazine capacity doesn’t matter much when you have a rear magazine that is a piece of cake to load and unload. Besides, a transparent window for viewing the staple stock is a welcoming feature. Any average stapler holds no fewer than 100 staples in its magazine.

Although, staple guns like the 3PLUS H7116SP have a generous magazine capacity- accommodating up to 180 22-gauge crown staples for installing baseboards, trims, molds, and upholstery!


Safety Measures

Pneumatic staple guns are powerful tools. They can shoot quite a few dozens of staples in less than a minute. So, a staple gun is probably one of the last things you want to meddle with carelessly.

For this reason, top-rated staplers feature accidental firing prevention. It can save not only your hands but also that expensive trim molding for your walls. Some will also come with safety goggles for full-on protection.

If you’re looking for a staple gun that takes safety seriously, do check out the WEN 20-gauge pneumatic stapler or the PORTER-CABLE US58.


Areas of Use

We always advise against picking the most stalwart power tool you come across. Many people think that getting the sturdiest one will last them a lifetime.

While that’s true in most cases, you can’t possibly use the same gun for setting up gentle baseboards and repairing rugged cabinets. Not unless the tool supports suitable fasteners for both types of projects.

Only versatile staple guns such as the 3PLUS H7116SP nail gun can rock anything from basic upholstery to complete automotive interior decoration.

Then there is cabinet assembly, silkscreen and old tufting replacements, vinyl, trim work, and carpet installation- all of which is possible with the all-purpose staple gun by Freeman PFWS.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I do with a staple gun?

A staple gun is widely used for installing baseboards, crown moldings, and trims to your walls. You can also use it for fixing your carpet placement, setting up insulation sheets, and tufting your couch with any material of your choice.

Staple guns are generally needed in repairing and refurbishing projects, which are too delicate for nailers.

  1. What’s the difference between a 20-gauge and a 22-gauge stapler?

Both a 20-gauge and a 22-gauge stapler fall in the fine wire category. It means that this type of staples is the thinnest of all. Considering the slight difference in thickness, a 22-gauge stapler shoots finer staples into the base than a 20-gauge one.

Unless you’re working on serious renovations, there isn’t a noticeable difference between the two. However, we suggest that you use a 22-gauge staple gun for installing trims and molds because these embellishments are exceptionally delicate, and the less pressure you apply to them, the better.

  1. Are air-powered staple guns better than electric staplers?

Pneumatic staple guns are better than electric staplers because there is a dedicated air compressor that directly delivers power to them. They are easy to repair and require a few tools for occasional maintenance.

On the other hand, electric staplers are cheap, but they increase the electricity bill as well. The power of an electric gun is overshadowed by that of an air-powered gun because the latter is unbeatable in its affordability, maintenance, and performance.

  1. How frequently should I oil my stapler gun?

Before you put your pneumatic staple gun to use, apply two to three drops of maintenance oil into the gun’s coupling joint with the hose.

Professional carpenters recommend oiling the stapler every six hours during heavy use. It extends the tool’s life and prevents dry-firing jamming and common stapler malfunctions.

  1. Why isn’t my staple gun shooting staples?

If a staple is lodged in an abnormal position, it will prevent the following staples from releasing. To troubleshoot this problem, you should align the staples in the magazine so that they are correctly placed.

When the gun does get jammed, remove all the staples from the magazine and take out the problematic one with a pair of long-nose pliers!


Final Words

If you’ve made some headway in DIY upholstery, you’re already familiar with the satisfaction it brings. After all, adding your personal touch and aesthetics to home furniture is a fulfilling experience indeed!

Upholstered chairs, stools, and tables have a story of their own. We hope that you found the best stapler for upholstery from our list. Now, it’s time to scrap the old and tuft those worn-off cushions for a brand-new look!

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