DEWALT DCN692M1 Framing Nailer Review

DEWALT DCN692M1 20V MAX Framing Nailer

When it comes to completing large-scale wood-based projects perfectly, there is no greater comrade than a framing nailer.

Highly functional and competent in its structural characteristics and design, a framing nailer is ideal for projects such as wood sheathing, siding, house framing, deck or fence buildings, and hefty carpentry.

But are all the framing nailers advertised in the market good enough?

The answer to that you already know.

Hence to lessen your dilemma in regards to “what would be the best buy,” today I provide you with the Dewalt DCN692M1 Framing Nailer.

We will also elaborate on why you need to consider including this device to your workbench arsenal!

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Dewalt DCN692M1 Framing Nailer

Manufactured by the highly reliable Dewalt brand, one of the first things that you would be grateful for is its smooth and hassle-free brushless motor with cordless functionality.

Liberating in movement, this lithium-ion battery-operated device offers dual-speed mode and is capable of driving2- 3½ inches 30° paper collated framing nails into any wood effortlessly.

Comparatively quiet in execution, the DCN692M1 offers faster nail drive, tool-free depth adjustment, tool-free stall release for jam clearance, and a sequential bump mode.

Further equipped with no mar-tips and dry fire lockout mechanism, the DCN692M1 is the safest and most convenient tool to facilitate all types of framing jobs.


  • Brushless Motor

The DeWalt DCN692M1 is incorporated with a brushless motor. Though innovation wise it’s not considered new technology, nevertheless having one of these motors in your nailer does increase the overall performance score.

Running on 20V, the brushless motor in DCN692M1 provides a high power-weight ratio to ensure a dominant thrust impact.

Thus capable of driving 3.5-inches nail straight into lumbers with no reservations, the motor with zero frictional loss (no commutator inside) and a steady power supply provides optimal electric performance at all times.

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  • Dual Speed Mode

Depending on whether you choose the high speed or low-speed mode, nails between sizes 3¼ – 3 ½ inches and 2 – 3 inches can be fired respectively. With higher speed being more suitable for driving longer nails and vice versa.

Using a Dewalt DCN692M1, you can fire 55 nails per magazine. Reloading when necessary, you can fire an impressive range of 500 nails altogether before needing to charge the device.


  • Dual Firing Mode

Based on how the user controls the trigger and the nose safety tip, the DCN692M1 will provide either a sequential firing or a contact (bump) firing.

A simple tool-free mechanism (switch) is provided to flip between the modes conveniently. Believing that you already know the difference between a bump and sequential firing, I won’t bore you the tedious descriptions further.


  • Easy Depth Adjustment

Being tools-free, the depth adjustment on a Dewalt 20V Max is one of the easiest features to operate. Installed near the firing nozzle, the adjustment wheel can be turned in a bi-lateral direction to thumb-pick between 11 nail-depth options.

Usually, with each turn, a small clicking sound could be heard to indicate that the setting has been changed accordingly. But even then if you have any confusion, don’t forget to look up the user manual.


  • Hassel-free Jam Clearance

Although it’s very unlikely to face a jam issue with this device, in the case of the unexpected, there are two simple solutions. One, unscrew the three bolts on the magazine to take it off the device completely to settle the issue.

Secondly, use the stall release lever situated at the top of the device to completely reset the drive blade thereby taking care of the jam.


  • Brushless motor ensures high operational efficiency
  • 20V lithium-ion battery provides a steady power source
  • The cordless design facilitates movement comfort
  • 30° angled magazine contains 55 paper collated nails
  • Not much jamming issue
  • Dry fire lockout prevents accidental misfires
  • No-mar tips protect the tool and the work-piece from unintentional damage
  • Adjustable rafter hook assists to store or hook the device to your tool belt easily
  • Heavyweight (7.8 pounds)
  • On 2nd speed, vibrates a little

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a Dewalt DCN692M1 best used for?

Being a framing nail gun is ideal for fence building, heavy carpentry, wood sheathing, roofing, flooring, siding, deck, and house framing.

  1. What type of nails is best compatible with DCN692M1?

33° clipped head paper collated nails, 3 ½ to 2 inches in length.

  1. Is framing nailer very heavy?

Out of all the different types of duty nailer found, the framing ones are built the heaviest.

  1. On a single charge, how many nails can it fire?

I would say 500 nails if you want to be cautious. Though with a 4amp DCB204 battery, it can go for 700 nails on a single charge.

  1. What is included in the nailer kit?

The kit includes one DCN692 framing nailer, one DCB204 20V MAX battery, one DCB115 charger,no-mar tip, a user manual, and a kit bag.



The Dewalt cordless framing nailer in fewer words is highly versatile easy to operate the device.

Brilliant in supporting heavy and ambitious woodwork projects, it would be an absolute miss to not take advantage of this extremely user-friendly tool.