Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing and Finishing Combo Kit Review

The reason why we came up with this Freeman P4FRFNCB review is that the brand has been providing authentic tools and fulfilling every contractor’s fetish from the beginning. They have recently released their P4FRFNCB framing and finishing combo kit, which is gonna be your ultimate trusted companion in no time.

Yes, you can surely invest your money on single nailer guns, but wouldn’t it be great if you can avail four kinds of nailer guns in one kit?

Who wants to stick with one gear in this era? At least, you don’t!

As a woodworker, you may have to get involved with cabinetry, molding, decking, upholstery, repairs, build-ups, fencing – and the list goes on!

Well, freeman’s P4FRFNCB is a wholesome tool for you that can excel on any sort of fixing or buildups.

Freeman P4FRFNCB Review

It arrives with 4 ergonomic woodworking tools, which are framing nailer, finish nailer, brad nailer, and a Narrow Crown Stapler that come along with a rugged canvas bag.

No wonder it mounts on every sort of framing and finishing project, whether it’s about small and detailed projects like cabinetry, crown molding, trims, baseboards, window casings, or heavy-duty projects like fencing, decking, upholstery, subfloors or roof deckings.

You are gonna have a nugget-full of exclusive tools that will fulfill your every woodworking needs and even DIYs.

Well, as there are 4 different tools, they have different features to offer, and some of them are similar. Nevertheless, these features are exciting and I’m sure you would like to know about them. So, below, I’m going to shed light on those.

Let’s have a look!


  • Anodized Aluminum Magazine

The anodized magazines can hold up to 100 nails for high production applications, and the most framing nailers can hold up to 55 nails.

Anodized aluminum is well known for its durability. As both the magazines and cylinders are built with this material, they exhibit excellent corrosion resistance while ensuring smooth movement of the pistons during operation.

  • Adjustable Depths

Each nailer has finger depth adjustments by which you can sink the nails to desired depths quickly and conveniently without any excess pressure or additional tool.

Moreover, it comes with a no-mar tip to diminish surface damage.

  • 360-degree Adjustable Exhaust

Imagine, you are firing nails consecutively, and due to contamination, your task gets interrupted. Annoying, isn’t it?

To minimize this sort of disturbance, the nailers have a 360-degree adjustable exhaust, which helps to keep your gear rust-free during work-time.

Also, it lifts your productivity level as you no longer stumble upon cleaning and maintenance.

Freeman P4FRFNCB Pneumatic Framing & Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag (4Piece) Nail Gun Set with Framing Nailer, Finish Nailer, Brad Nailer, & Narrow Crown...

  • Quick Jam Release

The quick jam release adds more versatility to these excellent nail guns.

First of all, you’ll barely face any jamming, but even if you feel any interruption while striking an arc, you’re gonna have a nose that releases jam instantly (PFN1564, PBR32Q and PST9032Q).

However, for the framing nail gun (PFR2190 21-), you have an anti-dry fire mechanism to protect the internal part.

  • Ergonomic Construction

Each nail guns have sturdy magnesium construction, which makes it convenient for extended use, and the lightweight design is beyond ergonomic.

Also, the whole combo kit weighs only 6.39 pounds to ensure easy transport and storage.

  • Teflon o-rings

Each nail guns have Teflon o-rings which prevent wear-off and tears on the pistons and cylinders. Moreover, it also ensures a longer life on internal wearable components.


  • Great price
  • Adjustable depths
  • Dual-mode triggers permit single or sequential firing
  • Instant jam release nose
  • Comes with a canvas bag, oil, wrenches, and manual
  • Single hardened blades for reducing internal loss


  • Some customers commented that it jams sometimes
  • Should have been more comfortable to use
  • The trigger seal might break after several uses

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of fasteners does it use?

Hitachi fasteners.

  1. Does the dual-mode trigger work for each of the four nailer gun?

No. It only works for the PFN1564 Finish Nailer.

  1. How much does the whole kit weigh?

6.39 pounds.

  1. Does it provide an oil-free design?

Yes, it does.

  1. Why should I buy this combo back and not the previous edition?

You are getting 4 different nailer guns in one package which becomes relatively cheap compared to the price you will have to pay while buying them separately. And each of them is excellent on their job so yeah you should definitely buy this one!

  1. Can I use a water separator for maintenance?

No. You can only use oil.


Final Words

Honestly, if you are still wasting your time thinking that you should buy each of them separately then stop right there.

It may cost you above 300$! whereas you are getting the whole package fairly cheaper than this.

So, the decision is yours! Let us know about your experience if you’ve already purchased one or after you get one!

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