Freeman PF18GLCN 18 Gauge Flooring Nailer Review

Freeman PF18GLCN 18 Gauge L-Cleat Flooring Nailer

“A bad worker quarrels with his tool”, or so goes the saying. However, it is not always the user’s fault when it comes to working with various tools. Sometimes, the machines are faulty and sometimes the tool is simply unavailable.

Likewise, if a carpenter is quarreling with his handy old hammer and nail while drilling the wooden boards, he can stop because the Freeman PF18GLCN pneumatic flooring nailer is here to mitigate the situation.

Freeman, as the name of the company suggests, is a nailer manufacturer which sells wooden floor staplers that need no help from any energy source. In other words, trusty manual work combined with pneumatic force is what drives this device.

Accordingly, this device is far more convenient than working with just a hammer and a few nails because of how the device is designed.

Features of Freeman PF18GLCN Flooring Nailer

  • Ergo economically designed body
  • Predominantly functions with pneumatic power
  • Made with aluminum material for achieving light weightiness
  • Extended handle that ensures utmost comfort and convenience
  • Manual force allows working on dense wooden structures
  • Compatible with 18 gauge pins and L cleats for wooden floors
  • Precautionary measures ensure no dents on the flooring
  • No mar system
  • A white rubber mallet for reducing stain
  • Stylish and sleek body design

Freeman PF18GLCN 18 Gauge L-Cleat Flooring Nailer

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Freeman is a brand that has been working meticulously to manufacture the most convenient and user-friendly products for their consumer. In doing so, they designed a foolproof device that can drill through any kind of wooden material like bamboo, cherry, oak or teak, you name it, freeman can do it.

Especially, with the ability to work with 18 gauge pins and L cleats makes this freeman model even more versatile. There are other features that aid in the process and a detailed explanation of the procedure will provide a better understanding of the product. 

  • Pneumatic and Manual Power

A very convincing way to know the job is done is by doing it yourself. Based on that notion, the freeman pf18 has been manufactured and it works on pneumatic power, but can also be used with a Hammer. Meaning, there is a mallet which needs to be struck and the nose of the nailer drills the pin on to the wooden board.

The mechanism of the device is simple. There is a pin magazine loaded with 18 gauge stapling pins or L cleats and a designated surface area for the mallet to be struck. This area is placed at 90 degrees to the drilling nose and produces a force on the piston that drills down the nail.

However, unlike electrical power, the user has to act like hitting the surface by themselves. The manual power is convenient as the user does not have to depend on any external source, and no harm is being done to the environment either. Moreover, the user can impart the right amount of force for different woods. 

  • Sturdy Structure

As mentioned earlier, the freeman nailer is a pneumatic device which can also be used with a hammer, and users apply a varied amount of force on it. So, it’s given that the device needs to be strong and sturdy to bear the force exerted on it.

On the other hand, the user does not have to worry about damaging the product because only the best material is used to manufacture these products.

Similarly, aluminum material is used for building the outer shell as well, which not only makes for a robust case but also prevents the machine from rust and dust. Rubber pods are attached at the bottom of the device to keep it in place and to avoid the surface from getting scratched.

Moreover, aluminum makes the product light and portable and it weighs about 16 pounds. 

  • Convenient Handle

An important component of a standing wooden floor stapler is the handler. This is because a normal hammer and nail would require the user to bend down and work closely with the floor. This increases the chances of injuring oneself as well as induces back pain and unnecessary fuss. But the user will not face such problems with the freeman.

The freeman is a pneumatic device that has a hammer and a lane for hitting. In order to keep the tool in place, there is an extended handle that reaches the user’s hand without the need to bend over.

Furthermore, the height is also perfect for swinging the hammer. The handle is sturdy and big to carry the weight of the user and will not budge easily. For added protection, the grip has a rubber over-mold to reduce the chances of slipping. 

  • Additional Features

While a nailer saves a lot of time and energy, it still would not be worth the price if it performed only one chore. In this regard, the PF18 is equipped with features that make it versatile and interesting.

This model can function with both 18 gauge pins and L-cleats. Any kind of dense and thick wooden piece can be hammered with this device because of L-cleats.

In addition, the manual feature lets the user apply any kind of force according to the need of the wood. The user will also get a white rubber mallet with the purchase and the specialty of this tool is that it leaves less stain behind.

However, the nailer is so light that it will not tire the user out and they will be able to shift position with ease.

  • Pneumatic and manual power combined
  • 18 gauge pins and L-cleats
  • Robust body
  • Wide handle
  • White rubber mallet
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with dense wood
  • Cannot be used for trimming and crafting

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Will this tool require any oil?

Yes, a few drops of oil is used for lubrication.

2. Can the freeman work with T-cleats?

The freeman only works with L-cleats and 18 gauge pins.

3. How frequently does the nailer run out of nails?

As soon as the magazine is exhausted, the nailer needs to be loaded again.

4. Can the extended handle be detached?

No, the extended handle cannot be detached.

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Note that Worth

Wooden floor staplers can be complicated, but as the Freeman PF18GLCN 18 Gauge L-Cleat Flooring Nailer 1-1/4″ to 1-3/4″, this machine is as user-friendly as it gets. With options to go for both pneumatic and manual, it really makes for a versatile tool.

So, don’t wait anymore and get your money worth with this nailer!