Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer Review – Worth the Purchase?

Looking for the smartest 23-gauge pin nailer to bolster your carpentering arsenal?

Whenever it’s necessary to hold the glued wooden pieces into place, you need the most delicate member of the finish nailer family. And when making the selection, Hitachi is the most solid-sounding name you can’t help reckoning, whether you’re a professional or a newbie.

In this Hitachi NP35A pin nailer review, we’re going to have a look into various features and aspects of this Hitachi power tool, and talk about all the goodness (or badness!) it brings along.

Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer Review

Low maintenance pin nailers make a real difference in carpentry projects, craftworks, picture framing, small moldings, glazing bid, and likewise DIY projects.

The NP35A model from Hitachi is such an efficient power tool from the famous brand that has been in the industry for nearly a century. The capability of driving those fine slight-heads without trace marks is one of its traits that many woodworking enthusiasts find adorable.

Also, it fires the headless 23-gauge pins down into the material surface that leaves almost invisible holes. Indeed, it’s a feature that soothes the perfectionist in you.

Let’s take a closer look at a few more of its key features and their perks.

No-Mar Tips

Like we’ve said before, the tool spares you of the horrible trace marks when you’re in the middle of a delicate wooden project. You’ll have to thank its super-efficient no-mar tips in this regard. Even when you work with those break-prone tender wood pieces, you’ll hardly encounter any dent, mar, or scratch.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about unintentional marks while hitting the pieces accidentally, thanks to the wrap-around plastic housing it has all over its body.

Suitable with Multiple Nail Sizes

The 1-⅜-inch nailer accepts multiple types of nail sizes, including ¾, 1, ⅝, and 1-3/16-inch pins apart from the original 1-⅜-inch size. So it’s generous enough to allow you to tackle a variety of projects. However, you might struggle a bit while working with 1-inch pins, for it may jam the interior in the middle of a drive.

Adjustability of Depth

The unit is occupied with a hex bar wrench stored onto the sideway of its magazine. It enables you to adjust the depth while driving the pins into a variety of materials. No matter you have softwood or hard, plain locals or exotic, you can effortlessly drive the nails in, according to the desired depth.

You can do this by merely removing the wrench and seesawing the plate up and down after you’ve loosened its front screws. It’ll lead you to a professional-grade finish unless the pressure deviates from the standard range of pressure (65-100 PSI).

Detachable Nose

It’s one of the most convenient features for the peace of mind of any user. The jam cleaning process inevitably becomes much easier when you have the option to detach the nose.

Reload Indicator

Ever got disgusted with dry shots when in the middle of a project? Thankfully, with this NP35A pin nailer, you won’t have to be. The unit features a convenient reload indication system in its magazine. It visualizes the number of nails and tells you whenever it’s low, and you need a refill.

The magazine is capable of holding a maximum of 100 pins so that you can finish your project with fewer reloads and, therefore, fewer intermissions.

Exhaust Threshold

The makers have astutely incorporated this tool with an exhaust portal at its rear. It prevents dirt, debris, or any excess oil from the nailer, which ensures you maintain a peaceful working environment.


The Greats

  • Dual trigger mechanism for superior accuracy and added safety.
  • Convenient depth adjustment feature for multiple surface types with flush drives.
  • Compact and lightweight, easily maneuverable.
  • Retains the originality of the working surface with multiple protective features.
  • Provides much quieter operation.
  • Comes nicely packed inside a sturdy plastic carry case.

The Not So Greats

  • It includes no clip fastener, and therefore, it doesn’t attach to the belt.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the unit come with a polyurethane air pipe?

No, it doesn’t.

  1. What’s the maximum thickness the tool can shoot through?

A maximum of 0.8 inches.

  1. How much air pressure does it require to shoot the standard ⅜-inch pins?

Approximately 70-80 PSI.

  1. Is it capable of shooting nails with heads?

No, it’s not.

  1. Does this shoot the standard Porter Cable 23ga pins?

Yes, it does.

  1. Can I control how far the nail pushes down into the wood?

It’ll depend on the amount of air pressure you’re working with.

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So, Is It a Yay or Nay?

Considering all the user-friendly features, enhanced safeguards, top-notch competency, and the renowned brand name, the pin nailer is a definite yay for me. The tool boasts almost everything it needs to be an elite contender of its kind.

We hope this Hitachi np35a pin nailer review has put the ticks in all the boxes of your list of what you’ll look for while purchasing the best pin nailer. So go ahead, add some flair to your woodworking projects.

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