How Does a Cordless Nail Gun Work

How Does a Cordless Nail Gun Work

Cordless nail guns have become the new buzz for DIY and enthusiast workers with their lightweight design, portability, and hassle-free operation without any cords and air hoses.

You can use it to drive nails through different surfaces, including brick walls, wooden surfaces, etc. But have you ever wondered how does a cordless nail gun work?

Most of you will answer it with a big NO! This is saddening since knowing the work procedure of a cordless nail gun will help you take proper safety measures to avoid accidents. Also, it will allow you to use the nailer properly, which would increase your work efficiency and the tool lifespan.

So, are you ready to see the working process of a battery-operated nail gun?

Types of Cordless Nail Gun

A DIY enthusiast and homeowners will find a cordless nail gun a superbly useful tool for their repairing and remodeling jobs. Compared to the air-powered or corded electric nail guns, cordless nailers are way easier to use and boost productivity with their user-friendly design.

Also, it helps in hammering the fasteners or nails through any surface with ease. To know how these nailers work, you have to understand their types firstly.

There’re two types of cordless nail guns, depending on their primary power source. This includes-

  1. Battery-powered cordless nail guns:

Battery-powered cordless nail gunsThese nailers are so popular that you will always assume it is a battery-powered device when we are talking about cordless guns.

The gun uses a lithium-ion battery and is fully rechargeable. Also, you will see a spinning flywheel or spring in the gun that does the job of hammering.

It uses a rotating brushless motor to generate power through the battery. It has the simplest working procedure among all nail guns.

The main driving force of these nailers is a rotatory electric motor. These are mostly brushless motors. It is used to compress the spring to fire the nails attached to the nail strip.

In the beginning, you need to press the trigger to generate power for the motor. When the motor reaches its power capacity, it will push the spring. Then, the spring will release from its position and create an extreme force.

The force then drives the nail forward into the desired surface. The main benefit of using battery-powered cordless nailers is their quick operation. They don’t use any compressed air and air hose. So, they depend on the rechargeable battery and get ready for the next shot immediately- no delay.

Also, a 4Ah battery for cordless nail guns can shoot up to 700 nails continuously. It doesn’t use any fuel cell and so, it is eco-friendly and a great money-saving deal.

 2. Gas-powered cordless nail guns:

Gas-powered cordless nail gunsThese nailers also work with batteries. But its working mimics much of pneumatic guns coming along with a combustion chamber.

It also includes a gas cartridge. Many people will use it when they need more power than a battery-operated cordless nail gun.

Compared to the battery-powered devices, the gas-powered cordless nailers work entirely differently. It depends on combustion energy inside a sealer air cylinder.

There’s a spark plug near the battery. When you press the gun’s trigger, the spark plug will light up the gas and air combination.

The force created by the air and gas fuel will drive the piston and blade downward. As it hits the nails or fasteners, the nails are released with extreme pressure to go past the surface for a near-permanent attachment.

Work Procedure

The entire process of the cordless nail gun working may seem complex, but actually, it happens within a few seconds that we often overlook. The battery takes the workload and generates the power to the motor for the hammering job for the battery-powered nail guns.

You can use the cordless nail gun in different home improvement jobs to attach various items swiftly and efficiently onto different surfaces. Since you are no longer limited to using an electric outlet or gas-powered nailer, it makes your job effortless and quick

Tips on Using a Cordless Nail Gun

The best benefit of using a cordless nail gun is its easiness and convenience. You won’t have to be a tech-savvy guy to operate the nailer. Yet, the following tips will help you use the nailer safely and appropriately.

  • While using a battery-powered electric or cordless nail gun, we always recommend using another battery as backup. It is crucial, especially if you plan on nailing a large surface. You won’t have to keep the work unfinished even if one battery drains during the job.
  • Before you start working, make sure the battery is charged fully. It will be better for a long backup while nailing. Also, when you store the nail gun for a long period, such as for several months, recharge the battery fully. A drained-out battery is more likely to get damaged.
  • For a gas-powered cordless nail gun, make sure the fuel chamber is clean before you refill it. If there’s any debris, it may malfunction. Also, keep a backup battery for it.

Be sure to have your feet placed firmly on the floor as you will face a slight back push due to the gun’s firing mechanism. If you aren’t ready for it, it may hurt you badly.

See the video on how to work a cordless nailer


Final Words

We sincerely hope you now have an accurate idea of how a cordless nail gun works. The process is so swift we often fail to understand that it goes through such an integrated mechanism. The proper combination of different parts enables the gun to fire the nail with extreme force to drive the nail through any surface for a long establishment period.

Also, using a cordless nail gun, you get rid of the hassle of setting up the device after each use. It may save 10 to 20 minutes for each nailing project. Also, you can hammer the nails in hard-to-reach places with cordless nailers, thus adding to its convenience and benefit.