Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Makita Mac2400 Big Bore 2.5 Hp Air Compressor For Your Nailer

A quality air compressor can be a game changer for your business. It doesn’t matter if you work at farms, grocery stores, repair shops, shopping malls, or drugstores, the needs for an air compressor are endless.

The Makita Mac2400 is such an air compressor that can help you with your work and help you grow your business.

In this Makita mac2400 air compressor, we’ll discuss its features, pros, and cons. Let’s get into the details.

Overview of Makita mac2400 air compressor

A customer favorite for years, the Makita Mac2400 is popular for its strong performance and lasting life. We love its faster recovery time, thanks to the cast-iron pump with a big bore cylinder.No matter how busy or rough it gets, the Makita will serve your business or workplace for years to come.

Thanks to the lower AMP draw,there is no tripping and thus barely any hassle or wasted time. The Makita Air2400 is also equipped with a significantly larger air filter which helps it draw more air and ensure systematic functioning.

The pump on the Makita air compressor is lubricated with oil which also helps keepthe air compressor cool and keeps it functioning properly. A smart roll cage covers the whole air compressor and makes sure that the Makita can tolerate the hustle and bustle of a job site or work center.

Moreover, the air compressor that functions without any hassle is also very easy to take care of. Maintenance and inspection are easier thanks to the removable oil sight glass and cast-iron cylinder. Because of the significantly lower noise generation, the Makita Mac2400 is most suitable for job sites and retail scenarios.

Makita Mac2400 Review

Key Features

Some key features make Makita Mac24400 a favorite among customers and make it perform better than other air compressors. Below, we have explained them.

Safe and Smart

At only 79 decibels, the Makita Mac2400 produces much less noise than most other air compressors and thus is never the cause of disturbance for a customer. This smart air compressor is also safe for use in crowded areas. The roll cage design makes it appropriately suitable for serious job sites as well as retail scenarios such as grocery stores and shopping malls.


The Makita Mac2400 air compressor has been designed and built to last for years to come. Its trademarked big bore cylinder and the very strong piston make sure that the air compressor serves you for a long time without needing too many replacements and servicing.

Efficient Performance

The Makita Mac2400 is a pro at performing efficiently and effectively. Its significantly larger industrial air filter ensures the intake of a larger quantity of air and faster filtering.

Furthermore, the lubricating pump oil maintains a cooler temperature so that the air compressor has slower wear. Thanks to its significantly low AMP draw, it does not trip or create any problem while it is starting. All in all, the Makita Mac2400 gives an efficient performance that is like no other.

This compressor can be used for heavy-duty DIY projects. It has 4.2-gallon twin stacked tanks, that are powerful enough to run one or two roofing nailers with this compressor at the same time.

Easy Maintenance

An air compressor that operates so efficiently also needs to be maintained and taken care of properly. The cast-iron cylinder and oil sight glass can be removed to be cleaned periodically and replace if necessary.

The oil sight glass allows you to keep track of the fuel inside so that you may refill whenever necessary and keep the air compressor running.


  • Fast operation because of the larger air filter and greater air intake
  • A quick recovering air compressor
  • Better for crowded areas as this air compressor is not loud
  • Safety is ensured by the roll cage design


  • Heavy and thus difficult to carry whenever needed
  • Customer service is unresponsive and often unsatisfactory

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Max AMP draw for this Makita Mac2400 air compressor?

The Max AMP for this Makita Mac2400 is 13.

  • Can I pump a tire or car truck that weighs 60/80 pounds with the help of this Makita air compressor?

For such heavy tires, we recommend you use an air compressor that is heavier and can handle airing larger tires. The Makita Mac2400 is smaller in size and thus will be more suitable for smaller tires.

  • Will this Makita Mac2400 air compressor work in cold weather?

Yes, it will work normally in cold weather. But do remember that depending on the severity of the cold, you may need different types of oil to run it.


To sum it all up, we love the Makita air compressor because of its friendly design, hassle-free maintenance, efficient performance, and lasting life. No matter what kind of Jobsite this air compressor is used for, it surely will serve that place for a long time.

Nevertheless, let us know your opinion regarding our Makita mac2400 air compressor.