Nail Gun Not Shooting Nails: What Would You Do Next?

If you are someone who is in the construction or woodworking sector, then you must know how important nail guns are. But there are certain times when our tools do not work properly. In those cases, you might come across the problem of a nail gun not shooting nails. What would you do in this case?

Well, you are here because you need an answer to the question, and we are here to let you know exactly what needs to be done if you are stuck in a situation as such. Because it is better to fix up the nail gun, you have rather than investing in a new one.

Let’s get on with the process!

Why Is It Not Shooting Nails?

Before doing anything else, it is very important for us to know why is your nail gun giving you this problem in the first place. And there might be a few reasons behind your troubles.

  • Nail Jam

There is a very high chance that the reason for no nail coming out of the gun is that there is a nail jam inside. The jam is stopping any further nail from coming out, and the persistent trying is probably making the situation worse as the jam is getting worse.

  • Gas-fuel Cell

The gas-fuel cell is what helps and gives the nail gun power to work. If it is empty or outdated, then there is a very high chance that your nail gun will not bet shooting out nails any time soon without the cell being refilled.

  • Wrong Nails

If you are a beginner with nail guns, then there is a very high chance that you will get either the wrong size or the wrong kind of nails for your nail gun. And that might be the reason why there is no nail coming out of the gun. The nail gun is not compatible with the kind of nail you have inserted, and therefore, it is unable to shoot nails out.

  • Wrong Fuel

Just like using the wrong kind of nail causes a problem in the nail gan and stopping it from shooting nails, the same way you will see that the wrong kind of fuel used in the gun will have the same effect. Incompatibility is a big issue with these guns.

  • Battery is Not Charged

If however, after checking everything else, your problem still persists, there may be something wrong with your batteries. You should always charge them before using them as they have a limited life span.

Needs Cleaning Your Nail Gun

If you do not regularly use your nail gun, then it is very likely that the inside of the gun is going to have dust and dirt. That stops the nails from coming out of the nail gun. This might also happen if you have not cleaned it in a long time, even though you use it often.

These are the possible culprits of your distress, and now we must look for a way to come out of it and deal with the issue in hand.

Nail gun inside

How to Fix the Problem?

Before you start trying to fix the issue, you must take necessary steps for safety like wearing goggles and gloves to keep your hand and eyes safe from any possible nail accident.

  • Step 1: Unplug from Power Outlet

When it comes to tools and equipment, it is very important to unplug it from all types of power sources to avoid any kind of accidents occurring. Different nail guns have different power sources, so try to figure out the one for yours.

This step is especially needed if you are going to clean the jam inside the nail gun, as otherwise doing so would be pretty difficult and risky.

  • Step 2: Empty out the Nail Gun

Once you have completed the first step and you are safe from any mishaps, the next thing for you to do is to take out all the unused or unfired nails from the gun. You have to make sure you do this step. The jam stops the nail gun from performing its task, so when the jam is cleared, it will try to shoot nails.

You will be putting yourself at risk when the jam is cleared. So without wondering whether you need to do this or not, just empty it out.

  • Step 3: Clear out the Jam

Now, if your nailer isn’t working because of a jam inside, then you need to take out the jammed nails. You have to do things a certain way to keep yourself safe. At first, start by locating the release lever as that will give you the best and safest passage to the jam inside. The release lever will enable you to open the barrel of the nail gun.

With a flip-style nailer, you should be able to get the magazine to open up without having to worry about using some other tool in the process. You should be able to get all the nails out using a pair of pliers. Now, this is the longest part of the whole process.

It will take a lot of time to take the nails out, but do not give in as the result will be fruitful once you are done with the task. The jammed nail will be the hardest to reach and pry out, so be prepared for that bit.

In case your nailer does not have a latch like the one I previously mentioned, then you have to unscrew a few screws on the top of the gun and then reach the nails.

  • Step 4: Put New Nails in and Power up

Now that the jam has been cleared, you need to start putting things back inside the nailer so that it can be put to use. Try to make sure you have put the right size of nails, and they are inserted the right way. Both of these are very important to make sure the nails do not get stuck inside.

Once everything is setup, all you have to do is plug it back into a power source, and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is not a difficult task. You should be able to do it without any further help, but if you still have some confusion, then you can ask us or take help from someone who has done this before.

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