NuMax SP123 23 Gauge Pneumatic Pin Nail Gun Review

Craftsmanship lies in detail. The more immaculate the work, the more well rounded will be the outcome. The precision and accuracy are especially needed by a carpenter when he wants to customize the floors with rich wooden floorboards. However, the task is tedious and requires patience.

Nevertheless, no need to worry because the NuMax SP123 23 gauge 1-inch pinner ergo economic and lightweight pneumatic review bear good tidings. This specific brand manufactures wooden board staplers tailored for doing decorative tracking, trimming and framing.

One can consider this device as a finisher, meaning that the tool provides the final touch your floorboards deserve. Apart from being specific towards some aspects, the NuMax SP123 also boasts other features that help in the process of nailing the boards together.

Quick Look at the Features:

  • Safety measures installed for a minute and detailed fixtures
  • Pneumatic power driven motor
  • Handheld machine makes it portable and flexible
  • Constructed with strong durable plastic and metal
  • Can be accessed by professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts
  • Comes with an anti-dust cap to protect the machine from small wooden particles
  • Great tool for doing custom work such as jewelry binding, minute trims, decorative cuts, and crafts
  • Compatible with headless pins of the size of .5 inch to 1 inch

NuMax SP123 23 Gauge 1-Inch Pinner Ergoeconomic & Lightweight Pneumatic Review

When it comes to wooden floor staplers, NuMax is a game-changer and has become a staple among the carpenters. The brand knows what the customer needs. Oftentimes, you need to give a finishing touch, or working on custom pieces is avoided by bigger nailers.

In that case, NuMax manufactures SP123 solely to help with a custom design. At the same time, this does not mean the machine cannot perform regular nailer duty.

A brief idea about the product will clear the air.

  • Strong and Sturdy Construction

The sole function of a nailer is to pin nails onto the wooden floor, which means it has to have the endurance to puncture two wooden boards at once. This cannot be accomplished if the stapler is flimsy and not strong.

To avoid such problems, these NuMAX made sure the product is made of high-quality material, which provides endurance as well as strength to the product. Even though predominantly the SP123 is a craftsman’s tool, it still is strong enough to bind medium-sized wooden blocks.

Accordingly, the product is made of lightweight aluminum material which ensures portability. Moreover, the product also has plastic in its construction making it even more lightweight, .16 ounces to be exact. So, now the user can finish intricate detail work without cramping their hand in the process.

  • Pneumatic Power

The core of any product is its motor and how it functions. The NuMax SP123 was made with the intention to aid in small altercations and meticulous detailing. That is why it is only suitable that the machine should be air powered.

Pneumatic power technically means that it requires no electrical influence. With the help of a piston, sophisticated design and an air-oil tank, the machine can be powered up. The air from the tank creates a vacant space inside the machine, which generates a vacuum.

When a vacuum is induced, it forces the piston to move forward and puts pressure on the drilling nose. All of this happens with a push of a trigger and without the need of any manual or electrical power. It makes the product really convenient and time-saving.

However, to lubricate the inside particles of the machine, a small drop of oil is required.

  • A Tool for Detail

Nailers are not new to the market. A wide range of model exists to suit the need of completing bigger tasks. For such tasks, bigger staplers are manufactured. There are even specialized staplers for reaching narrow and small spaces.

On the other hand, the market lacked a device that would be suitable for finishing touches. Good news is that NuMax took care of that concern.

This handheld nail gun is especially accustomed to fit small and minute spaces that need craftwork or finishing touches. It used headless pins of 23 gauges that leave zero traces behind. As a result, these pins can be used on the surface of the board. Hence, these nail gun can be used for roofing and framing as well.

Note: Another similar 23 gauge pin nailer in Hitachi brand Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer

  • A Multitasking Product

Even though the NuMax SP123 is advertised as a nailer for finishing purposes, it can still be used for traditional wooden floor stapling work. It is extremely lightweight and portable making it easier to carry and store. Nails of .5 or 1 inch length are compatible with this device. Thus, the user can also fix and trim jewelry with this tool.

For more convenience, the tool has a dust collecting cap that stores all the wooden pieces. Moreover, it also has a pin size selector and a bigger magazine space. The NuMax Pin Nail Gun is also diligent in manufacturing durable and robust drill heads that do not leave an indent behind.

Accordingly, the user will not have to put extra pressure, the device will work with the perfect force to pin the boards.

  • Aluminum body
  • Durable plastic components
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bigger magazine size
  • Anti-dust cap
  • Exchangeable pin size holder
  • Pneumatic air power-driven
  • Uses headless pin
  • Suitable for working with jewelry
  • Customized for craftsmanship
  • Can be used for roofing, framing and trimming
  • Available in black and grey
  • Not suitable for heavy wooden work
  • Only suitable for handheld work

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Can this tool work with anything other than craftsmanship?

It can be used as a regular handheld stapler.

2. Does the pneumatic power require any specific type of gas?

No, as long as the air is compressed, the stapler will work.

3. Does the magazine holder have automatic reloading mode?

No, the model does not fashion an automatic magazine loader.

4. Does the model come with a carrying bag?

Yes, the model has a carrying bag.

 5. Does it come with a nail jam device?

No, the model does not come with a nail jam device.

Note that Worth

The NuMax SP123 23 Gauge 1-Inch Pinner Ergo economic and Lightweight Pneumatic Review already assures you that no longer have to fuss about fitting a big nose drill for doing small trimming or framing work. The device will let you achieve a flawless finish and smooth cuts on the wooden floors every time.

So, stop fidgeting with tools that do not fit and get yourself the perfect partner for crafting.

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