Porter Cable BN200C Brad Nailer

Porter Cable BN200C 18GA Brad Nailer Kit

Do you want to get your hands on a great brad nailer?

Then look no further because Porter-Cable brings you the BN200C, a legendary brad nailer that will fit most if not all of your needs. The brand has made a good reputation with their nailers, and the BN200C is a classic.

Available in the market from 2011, the BN200C is about 9 years old, so you might not see all the new specifications you would expect while buying a new brad nailer. Nevertheless, keep reading on to learn more about this nailer in our Porter Cable BN200C Staple.

It delivers flawlessly in other ways and can drive 18 gauge nails with a length of 2 inches and down to 5/8 of an inch.

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Porter-Cable BN200C Staple

You should know that the BN200C pneumatic brad nailer is still the highest sold nailer from Porter-Cable, and it is undeniable that it has some killer specifications that will pull you into buying it.

The magnesium housing of the nailer gives it a premium look, and most importantly, it makes the nailer durable and stronger. Not only that, it helps the item to have its extreme lightweight, which provides the users with flexibility, comfort, and portability.

Over the 1.24 pounds of lightweight, it also has a strong rubber grip, which adds to the comfort and user-friendliness. The rear exhaust of the product is something that sets the product apart from the rest of the nailers. It allows for all the dust and contaminants to be driven away from you.

Like the larger portion of nailers, this one is also a corded electric one, and it can also be operated with light air compressors.

A narrow non-marring nose tip has also been added for extended reach and to prevent any wood damage while shooting. And to top it all off, it comes with lifelong maintenance, which means a monthly checkup will keep your nailer up and running smoothly.

  • Portability, Comfort, and Durability

Let’s start off with the most important thing, which is comfort while getting your job done. As mentioned before, the BN200C’s body is engineered with a magnesium body, which makes it long-lasting and safe from all the drops and knocks.

The lightweight allows you to finish off all your chores without straining your back and having a muscle pull. Moving the item around will not be an issue as well, so passing it around the workshop will be a breeze.

The integrated rubber grip is plush, provides extra comfort, and gives more control; it also ensures that there are no accidents while working. You will also find an adjustable belt clip so that you can keep your nailer right with you at all times, and with its low mass, it will not feel burdening.

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  • The Rear Exhaust

This feature is one that is extremely underrated and rarely seen in any of the nailers in the market. We believe more companies should begin to introduce a rear exhaust in their products just like Porter-Cable did in the BN200C because your health comes first.

This helps any unwanted substance to be pushed away from you, ensuring a hazard-free experience.

  • Trouble-Free Nail Removal

If you face regular issues with removing jammed nails, then the BN200C would be a marvelous pick for you as it features a tool-free jam mechanism, which will make removing jammed brads a piece of cake. As a bonus, there is also a drive-depth knob letting you set your desired measurements for specific tasks.

  • Sequential Trigger

A sequential trigger gives you complete control over the speed of the device. It also helps to prevent any accidental nail shooting and will let you fire your nail gun anytime you want.

  • Lifelong Low Maintenance

If you go for any of the products of Porter-Cable, then you will get the benefit of having a long life low maintenance, meaning you will not have to get it serviced as frequently as you would with other nailers. Maintenance every month or two would be sufficient.


  • It is extremely lightweight
  • Very user-friendly
  • Great value for money
  • Features a rear exhaust
  • Portable as well as durable
  • Requires lifelong low maintenance


  • Some of the new specifications are not present
  • You will have to buy an air compressor separately

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this gun shoot staples?

No, it does not.

  1. Can the BN200C shoot 16 gauge brad nails?

No, it is an 18 gauge nailer.

  1. Can ¾ inch thick hardwood flooring be installed using this nailer?

Yes, it can, you will have to use the 2” nails.

  1. Does this model allow users to adjust the depth of the drive?

Yes, you will find the wheel right below the trigger.

  1. Is it electric or air-powered?

It is pneumatics.


Final Words

Porter-Cable has designed a brad nailer carefully for top of the line performance with a compelling price tag. It’s lightweight, improved features, and low maintenance makes it a magnificent option for you.

Looks can be deceiving sometimes, and in this case, it is but in a positive way, because at first glance, it might look like nothing extraordinary, but when customers see the neat features and tweaks, they are bound to take a better look at the BN200C.

All in all, our Porter Cable BN200C should have helped you ease the decision.

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