Ryobi P325 Cordless 16 Gauge Finish Nailer Review

When I moved to my new home located in the countryside, I had almost zero help with the woodwork I preferred. It was a stressful situation. I had everything planned in my head how I wanted the interior.

And in that crucial moment, fortunately, the best friend I had was a finish nailer.

Today, after a couple of years, I sit here writing this Ryobi P325 review thinking people should know more about this wonderful product. Whether you are doing any type of home renovation like framing nails, installing trims or reinforcing joints – this nailer should be your pick. Take it from someone who has done it all.

What’s in Ryobi P325 Finish Nailer?

The Ryobi P325 Cordless Finish Nailer is a new addition to its One+ 18V battery family. This means it is completely compatible with all the other 18V One+ batteries and chargers. So whether you’re using an older NiCad battery or a brand new lithium-ion battery, the gun is going to function the same way.

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All It Takes Is Just a Single Charge!

With a 4 amp lithium battery, the gun can get you up to 800 shots on a single charge! And that is more than enough for any work you’d be able to do on a day! It pretty much means you’ll be able to go all day long without recharging. So don’t bother buying a pair of extra batteries and wasting money to make the gun work.

Adjust Air Pressure Easily

If you’re in an older home that has some rough cut oak boards, you may need to adjust the air pressure of the Ryobi P325. On the rear of this tool is a sliding scale with which you can increase or decrease the air pressure with just one finger. But if you’re in a newer home that has pine boards, you might need to turn your gun’s air pressure down to get it exactly right.

Do the Depth!

The depth adjustment can be done at ease by twisting a knob right and left. Forget about having extra tools to adjust the depths of your shots!

Indicator for Nails

There might be cases, although unlikely, that you ran out of nails while in the middle of your work. Its low nail indicator will update you beforehand when you get to reload the ammo. An additional benefit is that it prevents you from dry firing and damaging the wood.

Easy Jam Clearer

Many people complain about the nails being jammed while pinning. This handy Ryobi P325 16 gauge finish nailer will make it an unlikely scenario. However, if that somehow occurs, there is the easiest of solutions. Simply flip the lever in the front of the tool and clear out the jam and put it back on!

LED Indicator for Precision

In low light conditions or congested places, this LED light indicator comes in handy. You have a separate trigger to activate the light. There is a time delay on the light, so when you stop pressing the button, it stays lit for about ten more seconds.


  • Rubber over-mold prevents any scratch on the wooden surface
  • Easily adjustable depth for nails
  • Effortless jam clearing
  • A single charge drives 800 nails
  • One-click air pressure adjustment


  • Its 7.99 pounds weight might feel heavy in the beginning
  • Using the LED light excessively might reduce the number of firing on a single charge


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to pull off the battery of P325?

The batteries are very easy to remove. If you have seen other One+ tools, you’ll know how simple they are. There are two little latches on the side that need to be pressed and the battery will pop right out.

  1. What is the difference between Ryobi P325 and Ryobi P330 models?

The main difference is that this P325 model works with 16 gauge nails which are longer than the Ryobi P330 model’s 15 gauge ones. However, smaller gauge pins are less visible.

  1. Does the pins get jammed with rapid-fire mode?

The Ryobi P325 model finish nailer is specially built to reduce any jams while working. However, in such an unlikely scenario, you can clear the jam in a few seconds.

  1. For which purposes can I use this tool?

You can use it in completing all types of woodworks including installing trims, framing nails, reinforcing heavy joints and all renovations in your home.

  1. Can the Ryobi P325 model be used for framing?

Currently, Ryobi doesn’t make framing nailer. So you can’t use this model for framing.


Final Verdict

There you have it – after reading our Ryobi P325 review, you are probably wondering whether this tool is the right option to go for. If you think safety, handiness and more out of an affordable investment, this is the one for you!

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