Ryobi P330 Finish Nailer Review

Ryobi is a well-known Australian company, especially famous for its nailers. The Ryobi P330 is a new addition to their lineup, and it is definitely worth to take a look at it. Now, the Ryobi P320 and Ryobi P325 nailer are its previous editions, but the P330 is a diversified version of them with new specialties and common features.

You may have seen the 18 gauge and 16 gauge nailers by Ryobi, but this is a 15 gauge one. To know better about the product, read our Ryobi P330 review.

And please, don’t underestimate it just by seeing a digit or two less; because its capability might shock you.

Ryobi P330 15 Gauge Finish Nailer Review

Like its earlier brothers, the Ryobi P330 cordless finish nailer is also battery-powered, which is an advantage. It will provide you with satisfactory power and comfort in day to day usage. What makes this item stand out a bit from the rest is the slanted magazine, which allows for a better-angled nailing experience.

You can adjust the settings in this nailer according to your desired results, with the adjustable pressure settings. A dual fire mode is also available at your disposal, giving you variety when it comes to shooting your nails.

Another small feature would be the LED light attached to the top of the nailer, which remains on for 10 seconds, letting you get the work done without issues even in a dimly lit environment.

  • Battery Power

With the hefty battery comes in many advantages! You don’t need to carry an air compressor and neither any sort of fuel cell. It saves you the headache of replacing fuel cells and choosing between air tanks.

Another way how the batteries make the nailer convenient is that it makes the product cordless, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled wires.

  • Slanted Magazine

This one features an angled magazine configuration that is not seen in previous models, and it is attached to the side of the nailer. The slanted magazine allows for a far more precise nailing experience, covering all the tight corners. Holding the nailer is also a tad bit comfortable with the new angled magazine.

  • Adjustability

Pressure can be regulated in this product, so it can be used with both softwood and hardwood. On top of that, you can put in the addition of a knob, which will help you to measure how deep your nail will go for your desired results.

  • 15 Gauge Nails

Don’t be fooled by seeing the number 15 instead of 16, and thinking that it has thinner nails. You will be completely wrong if you think a higher gauge number means the nails have greater thickness because the P330 has thicker and better heavy-duty nails.

The thicker nails improve the grip helping your nailing be stronger than ever.

  • Dual Firing

This is a feature present in a large proportion of nailers, but it is helpful and great nonetheless. There are two options, the regular single fire mode and the bump fire mode, which gives you that extra boost of speed. You will have to push against the surface and press the trigger as many times as you want to fire.

  • Safety and Comfort

When working for a long time you want a good grip for comfort, luckily the non-mar pads on the grip is there to save the day. A dry fire lockout is added to the nailer preventing any accidents from taking place as well as increasing the longevity of the item.


  • Angled magazine configuration which allows for precise nailing experience
  • Battery power enabling trouble-free and powerful chordless usage.
  • Adjustable pressure settings for both softwood and hardwood.
  • 15 gauge thick nails for extra grip and strength.
  • Comfortable grip with non-mar pads
  • Dry fire lockout for extra safety to prevent any accidents
  • A bit heavier than most nailers
  • There is a common nail jam issue


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this be used for roofing?

It’s not really designed for this purpose, so it’s not suggested. (Check the 7 best roofing nailers for your DIY project. )

  1. Can this be used for flooring?

Yes, this nailer can be used for flooring. Just have an extra battery since it’ll take up a lot of power.

  1. Is it suitable for wood siding?

Absolutely without a problem. All you have to do is set your depth stop and use a galvanized needle.

  1. Which one is more practical, the straight nailer or angled nailer?

The angled nailer is definitely way more convenient and practical.

  1. Is it Durable?

Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

The Ryobi P330 is a nailer you don’t want to look over when you’re in the market. It has plenty of special features and only a few flaws, which make it an eye-catching option.

We have pointed out all the specifications that you need to know, and we hope you understood all the information crystal clearly. Before you make the purchase, think about it and take everything into consideration; hopefully, you will not be disappointed.

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