Safety Tips While Using a Nail Gun

Safety Tips While Using a Nail Gun

A nail gun is an essential constructional tool. But, it also causes injuries sometimes. We can see from the research that 2 out of every 5 residential carpenters become injured during a four-year period. The scariest part is almost 37,000 people become injured by nail guns every year. This makes the nail gun the 2nd most dangerous construction tool.

So, when it comes to a power tool like a nail gun, the users must know the safety guidelines as well. We will explain nail gun safety tips in this article. The nail gun has multiple uses, and we, especially the carpenters, cannot but use this to increase productivity. If you are somehow involved in a nail gun’s work, you should stick to the end of this article to find out more about using one safely.

How To Safely Use a Nail Gun

While you must keep the safety measures in your mind, you also need to know some of the basic user guidelines of the tool. Assuming you already have basic knowledge about it, if not, that is a discussion for another day. However, you are likely to get the basic idea of using a nail gun while discussing safety tips. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Get to know your tool

Before using a nail gun, you have to know the tool you are using. Read the user and safety manuals carefully. Also, be aware of buying an authentic and fully functional one. Don’t try to temper or replace the components of the tool as it may cause malfunction and thus cause an injury.

2. Keep an eye on your operating environment

Before hitting any surface, make sure the surface is safe to take the hit. Also, don’t allow co-workers or people on the opposite side of the wall or surface. The nail sometimes breaks through the surface, and it may cause an accident to the people or other materials on the opposite side. So, it is wise to clear the opposite side of the surface to ensure safety.

3. Wear PPE or safety gear

Using a power tool is dangerous. To take precautions, use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, thick gloves, goggles, and ear covers. This gear will significantly protect you from any incident. Encourage people to wear them as well.

4. Get proper training

You shouldn’t use such a tool without proper training and knowledge. The contractors or owners should also check the certification of the worker to avoid a possible accident. Knowing all about the tool is essential, and the best learning comes with training and experience.

5. Use a full sequential trigger

This is the safest trigger to use. While using this trigger, the safety tip and the trigger have to be activated in a particular order. At first, the safety tip has to be pushed onto the working piece, then the user squeezes the trigger to fire a nail.

The safety tip and trigger both have to be released and activated again to fire the second nail. In this way, it prevents risky situations and bumping fire. It is also known as the restrictive trigger or single shot trigger.

6. Hold the nail gun correctly

Never use the gun in other than your dominant hand, so for instance,  if you are right-handed then always use the right hand. It may slip away from the target and cause damage. Keep the gun away from your body while carrying it. Please don’t touch the trigger or point it against your body while climbing a ladder. It is better to switch it off when you aren’t using it.

7. Move carefully and forward

Many don’t understand the importance of moving carefully when they use a nail gun. A nail gun gives a back push instantly after a nail is fired, and if you are on a high surface or moving backward, you are likely to lose your control. It may cause either the tool or yourself to fall. So, be aware of movement when you use a nail gun.

8. Use it only for work purposes

Don’t point the gun at anyone. It is not a toy, but is rather a powerful tool. Playing with it could result in a pathetic situation. Avoid conversation and laughing when you fire it. Also, keep your free hand away to be in control and grip it properly. Don’t turn around or move whenever you use it.

9. Make sure the nailing surface is secure

Some nailing surfaces can be slippery. Your gun’s point may turn, and the nail could hit another area. It would also be best to examine the surface because there may be hidden electric or gas lines. Always remember not to use it near combustibles. The gun creates sparks and you could cause a fire with it. So, it is very important to ensure the surface’s safety as well.

10. Turn off the power supply and air compressor when not using it

Turn off the power supply when you do any sort of maintenance or cleaning of a nail gun. Take the tools to a properly lit and dry condition to clean them off. Also, don’t forget to turn off the nail gun whenever you are not using it. It will prevent the firing of unwanted nails.

Is there a safety on a nail gun?

Yes, you can use a nail gun and be safe. We have discussed the safety precautions of using a nail gun. If you follow them correctly, we hope you will be safe and sound. Please work with sincerity and keep these nail gun safety tips in mind.