Different Types of Nail Guns with their Uses

Whether you are building a shelf or a house, the necessity of nails is blatantly apparent. However, not only carrying nails are difficult but also it takes a lot of time and effort to use a hammer to nail down your materials. It is difficult to make the perfect hammer strikes to get the nails in.

It is hazardous, and weak motions will leave the nails bent, forcing you to try again. On the other hand, nail guns make this task much easier. No need to hammer down tons of nails. All you must do is make a precise shot, and the nails will be inserted without any issues.

Nail Gun Types in Terms of Functionality

Flooring, roofing, or framing, they all require different kinds of nailing methods, and as such, there are nail guns designed specifically for these purposes. These are how nail guns are divided into different parts. It is essential for beginners to be well versed in these types if they want to get their work done more effectively.


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After going through this article by NailersNow, you will get everything you need to know about the different types of nail guns.

1. Palm Nail Gun

Let us start with the smallest and most casual nail guns on this list. Palm nailer, as the name implies, is small and light enough to fit in your palm. Their small frames make them perfect for positioning. They usually are meant to be used with small nails about the size of 1.5 to 3.5 inches.

2. Staple Gun

It is designed to imitate the look and feel of a genuine staple. The staple gun is the go-to nail gun for furniture construction. They pride on their ability to hold things together. The smoothness of its execution leaves the furniture unscarred. You will not leave any oil marks on them since these guns do not require oil in the first place.

3. Pin Nail Gun

If you find yourself constantly handling small projects, look no further than the pin nail gun. It packs just enough power to drive nails through your crafts elegantly leaving no marks or spots behind. At the same time, the size and construction of this device are perfectly designed to make accurate and precise shots.

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4. Brad Nail Gun

Let us say that you just have a jack of all trades kind of gun. Something general, and versatile. One nail gun you could use for all your projects. Then, the brad nail gun should be your tool of choice. It is a perfect choice for beginners and casual DIYers.

It is also the best entry nail gun before you move on to other more specialized ones. The only downside that more specialized nail guns outdo it for certain works.


5. Framing Nail Gun

When building houses, there is no escaping from the framing nail gun if you want your house to be sturdy and durable. There is no understating of the sheer importance of keeping a house durable. In that sense, you need the frame to be well built.

However, the perfect device for such a purpose is the framing nail gun. These are incredibly powerful, built to drive in long, heavy-duty nails. This makes them strong enough to be capable of industrial use. When making all sorts of frames, this tool will be your partner.

6. Flooring Nail Gun

Compared to other nail-use, flooring is an exotic beast. For an effective and pristine flooring plan, the flooring nail gun is your best friend. Flooring requires a lot of nailing. Constructing your floor with hammer and nails will take a lot out of you, both physically and mentally.

This nail gun, however, streamlines this process by making it easier and faster than simple hammer and nails.

7. Siding Nail Gun

If you live somewhere that is plagued with frequent bad weather and natural disasters, you must know the importance of reinforcing your walls. They must be sturdy enough to endure whatever nature throws at it. Therefore, the construction of siding is vital. Covering all your walls with siding is incredibly taxing.

So, when constructing siding, make sure you get a siding nail gun. Its tip is eloquently designed to handle all sorts of siding materials whether it’s softwood or hardwood. Its efficiency is unparalleled compared to its substitutes.

8. Roofing Nail Gun

Although it is highly debatable what the riskiest portion of house development is, most would agree that roofing might take that number one spot. It becomes more dangerous when you are not equipped with the proper tools to handle this safely and quickly. Nailing down roofing itself is also difficult. They require a lot of power.

Accordingly, the roofing nail gun delivers power and safety. This tool even comes with a coil for storing your nails allowing you to carry more nails at a time by reloading more frequently. Nevertheless, you better be prepared for the recoil.

9. Finishing Nail Gun

After spending hours working on your project, all that is left is to add the finish. Molding or trimming, whatever you may be doing, it is going to need a unique nail gun for the perfect results. That is because after spending so much time on your project, why slack off on the finishing?

These nail guns shoot finishing nails, incredibly small nails made to add some final touches to your constructs.

Nail Gun Types in terms of Category

Believe it or not, there are a lot of variations when it comes to nail gun categories. It is wise to learn the various types if you want to elevate building and crafts from a mere hobby to something more.

1. Battery-Powered Nail Gun

These are, as the name implies, operate using a battery. These are a bit heavier since they carry a battery within them, but it has the convenience of being cordless. They are great for hard and softwood.

2. Pneumatic Nail Gun

When working with thick nails, you need something that can handle them. That is where the pneumatic nail gun comes in. These are powered by a piston-cylinder that draws in air. Then it uses that generated compressed air to operate the nail gun. These are quite heavy due to the air.

3. Electric Nail Guns

Powered by electricity, these nails guns are both powerful and effective. They might not dish out the same level of power as the others, but they operate quietly and cost less as well. It is also much lighter due to the lack of batteries or air compressors.

4. Air Nail Gun

These nail guns use compressed air to shoot nails. Its pump needs to be refilled for it to operate. They have the benefit of not needing cords due to its air compression technology.

5. Trim Nail Gun

Trimming is a vital part of crafting, and its uniqueness requires an entire category dedicated to them. The most prominent trimming nail guns are the finishing air guns. They are incredibly fast and perfect for hardwood.

6. Cordless Nail Guns

While some nail guns have cords, it is evident how they get in the way. Cordless nail guns have the benefit of operating without cable, making them more portable.

7. Coil Nail Guns

Sometimes, you need more ammo. A standard strip of nails simply will not do. In this regard, some nail guns have a barrel full of nails. These contain around a hundred nails each time and refilling nails becomes a minor inconvenience.


It is perfectly understandable if all this information may seem overwhelming, but there is a good reason for the level of variety the nail guns possess. By learning all the unique and specialized nail guns, you will now be able to pick up the ones you need for your next project. Just remember, the best quality comes from the most appropriate tools.

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